Programme  2022 - 2023
Meetings at Devizes Sports Club will start on Tuesday 6 September

Venue and map - All club meetings are held at Devizes Sports Club on Tuesday evenings - doors open around 7-15 with the meetings commencing at 7- 45. 
Members pay £2.50 per meeting.
Non members pay £2.50 per meeting, up to a maximum of 3 meetings, after which they are asked to join the club. (See About Us for details)

Competitions please check before entering club competitions for information and rules.

 All meetings are on Tuesdays unless shown otherwise

September 2022
   6 A Welcome to the New Season
A very warm welcome to all our members, whether returning or new, to the first night of our new season.
We will preview the Season ahead, and there will be a ‘Show & Tell’ session for members to show and talk about some of the images they have taken over the last few months, as well as plenty of time to catch up with your fellow members and renew acquaintances after the summer break.

 13 Print with Confidence
We start our season with a practical session, brought to us by Mark Padovan from the Canon Team, on how to make the best of printing your images at home.
The session consists of two segments; an introduction to Canon professional print covering the range, features, how to set up and get the best from the machines before working our way through the software resulting in a final print. The second part focuses on a practical part of the workshop where we invite members to print their images and explore the software, ask any additional questions, so they understand and get the best out of our session while taking away their images on a variety of media.
Canon website

EntriesClosing Date for entries for Open Projected Image
Competition No 1
See Competitions for details

 20 OS muskFrom 60 degrees North
Northern latitudes are an attractive prospect for nature photographers. There is a diversity of species during the breeding season and the beauty of winter landscapes.
Wildlife has to endure extreme temperatures, predators and the risks from migration. They do all this in some of the most beautiful and wild locations on Earth.
We are delighted to welcome back to the club Oliver Smart. Oliver’s journey to the Alaskan Arctic to photograph Polar Bears, the Shetland Isles for thousands of seabirds and to Finland for Golden Eagles and Black Grouse will give you a glimpse of the delights of these three destinations.

Oliver Smart - website

 27 PP Small WorldSmall World
It is our great pleasure to welcome back to the Club Polina Plotnikova FRPS EFIAP.
Small World presentation is featuring art doll photography. It covers aspects of photographic history of collectable art dolls, various ways of creating visual stories with them and aspects of photographing art dolls, adjusting scale of lighting, sourcing props etc.

Polina Plotnikova - website


October 2022
  4 Results for Open Projected Image Competition No 1

Our Judge this evening is Keith Hart

EntriesClosing Date for entries for Open Print
Competition No 1
See Competitions for details

 11 MR 1Messing About with the Landscape

Landscape – with a difference!
Award winning photographer Mark Reeves ARPS’ presentation is designed both to entertain and to stimulate creativity amongst attendees. Mark will demonstrate -

•how photographers and painters portray the landscape differently
• how and why he moved away from traditional landscape photography
• the techniques he uses; ICM, double exposures, diffusers, selective focusing
• equipment and camera settings
• post processing

 Mark Reeves - website
 18  Images from the Club Outings 2022
Over the course of the last few months there have been a number of Club Outings covering a very varied range of locations, subject matter and photographic genres. Tonight therefore is the chance to share some of the images from those outings, discuss them, see what other members have been up to and gain inspiration for the next….

 25 Results for Open Print Competition No 1
Our Judge this evening is Aleks Gjika EFIAP DPAGB

EntriesClosing Date for entries for Open Projected Image Competition No 2

November 2022
   1 CH petrol pumps Digital Adventure 2022

And now for something different…… We are delighted to welcome back to Devizes renowned creative photographer Colin Harrison EFIAP/d3 MFIAP MPSA GPSA FRPS FBPE FIPF APAGB MPAGB AWPF
In Digital Adventure 2022 Colin will show the creative side of his photography, showing some of his award-winning images. This is a light-hearted, fast flowing talk, shown in 12 countries in 2021. Colin will also pass on some of my digital “secrets” and provide notes on his talk.
Colin Harrison - website

   8 An Evening of Light Painting

Postponed from last season, Our own Steve Hardman and Caroline Wright lead us in a practical demonstration of how to do light painting and what can be achieved.
Bring your camera

 15  Results for Open Projected Image Competition No 2
Our Judge this evening is Steve Hallam LRPS

EntriesClosing Date for entries for the Annual Nature Competition
See Competitions for details on Nature Entries

 22 Street Photography

Tonight we welcome Ash Smith with a presentation on his approach to Street Photography. Ash is a UK based Street Photographer, with a background in fine art and design and a professional background in sports coaching and teaching.
Inspired by early colour street photographers like Saul Leiter & Fred Herzog, Ash likes to use light, colour and texture to capture intriguing moments in daily life.
Ash's background in fine art and design leads him to take a more artistic view of photography, preferring the aesthetic over the technical and this leads him to produce work leaning more towards the “environmental” street photography style, where the human element provides a sense of scale or context to the environment, rather than working in the pure documentary or candid style.

Ash Smith - website

 29 DB Valencia Fine Art; A Workflow

Tonight we are joined by Zoom by David Garthwaite, who specialises in producing fine art images.
This is a tutorial style presentation; David will guide us through the key techniques he uses to create fine art images such as the one below from the RAW file. David will explain the tools he is using and why, and go into some of the theory of how he produces his images.

David Garthwaite - website

December 2022
  6 Results for the Annual Nature Competition
Our Judge this evening is Ralph Snook ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB

EntriesClosing Date for entries for the Christmas Image Knock Out fun evening

 13 MG Frozen'A bit of a Journey'

For our last speaker of 2022 we are in for something special as we welcome Mark Gilligan FBIPP. Mark is a professional photography teacher and an award-winning landscape photographer who is an official ambassador for Lee Filters as a Master Of Photography.
Mark has been teaching and running landscape photography workshops and courses in the Lake District and Snowdonia for over 40 years now. As he puts it “I began in days when I had hair!”
Mark’s Landscape presentation “A bit of a Journey” has been highly acclaimed – definitely not one to be missed!

Mark Gilligan - website

EntriesClosing Date for entries for the Projected Image League

 20  Christmas Party and Image Knock Out Competition

Our final meeting for 2022 should see a real visit from Father Christmas conducting the customary pre-Christmas fun knock-out competition, followed by festive snacks and refreshments.

 27  No Meeting
A Very Merry Christmas and a very peaceful and happy New Year to all our members

January 2023
 Projected Image League – ZOOM ONLY MEETING

We start the New Year with the annual competition for the Hewitt Cup. Entry is three sets of 5 projected images, each set being on a theme of your choosing.
The competition is judged by those Club members present on the evening, scoring each set out of 10, with the scores for each set being averaged to give the final score for the set.

Closing Date for entries for the Annual Monochrome Competitions

 10  A Year in the Wildlife of Salisbury Plain

Many of you will be familiar through his postings on Social Media with the work of local photographer Alan Benson in chronicling wildlife in Wiltshire.
Tonight Alan visits us to talk about one aspect in particular – the wildlife of Salisbury Plain through all four seasons of the year.

Alan Benson - website

 17  Member’s Themed Lightbox

A few weeks in advance we will announce the theme for tonight’s Lightbox session. You may interpret this however you like as long as your images fit the theme. All members are invited to submit up to three images on the theme. We would like to encourage members to take images specially for the evening if at all possible, but it it’s not a requirement to do so.
The images will be shown in random order and each photographer is invited to talk about their image as it is shown on the screen. This will be followed by some group discussion about each image and some gentle critique.

 24  Results for the Annual Monochrome Competitions
Our Judge this evening is Sandie Cox ARPS DPAGB EFIAP

EntriesClosing Date for entries for the Annual Landscape Competitions

 31 21 Martin Addison 1 Photography and Music

Tonight we are joined by Martin Addison FRPS. Martin started taking photographs when he was about 15 and started to do it more intensively when he joined a camera club in 1970, since when he has never stopped.
Awarded his ARPS in 1992 with a set of creative colour slides, he  started making audio-visual sequences in 1977 which were presented initially on a two and later a four projector system. Now he creates AVs digitally using Proshow Producer.

In 1992 he started printing colour images on Cibachrome and was awarded his FRPS in 1994 with Cibachrome prints. In 1997 he started using Photoshop, scanning slides for a few years before purchasing his first digital camera in 2004 and now uses Lightroom for pretty much everything.
Tonight Martin gives us an exploration of creative image making including projected images and creative audio-visuals.
Martin Addison - website

  February 2023
   7  Practical Evening – Still Life and Table Top

Our own Bridget Codrington and Penny Clarke lead us in a practical demonstration of how to create effective Still Life and Table Top images – with plenty of opportunity to try these out for yourself

cameraBring Cameras!
 14 Results for the Annual Landscape Competitions

Our Judge this evening is Peter Orr ARPS

EntriesClosing Date for entries for the Close-up & Macro, and Creative Competitions

 21 FC Iceland Iceland – the Adventures of Four photographers

A year ago, Devizes Camera Club Members - Robert Harvey, Sue Wadman, Caroline Wright and Frank Collins set off for a photographic adventure to Iceland.
They got rather more than they bargained for, battling snow, ice, blizzards, high winds, closed roads, biting temperatures and two unplanned extra nights in pursuit of their photographic art.
This is their story……

 28  More Lightroom Magic

Our very own lightroom guru Dave Gray gives us more insights, hints and tips on how to get the most out of Lightroom – definitely not to be missed!

   March 2023
   7 Results for the Close-up & Macro and Creative Competitions

Our Judge this evening is Simon Caplan LRPS

EntriesClosing Date for entries for Open Print Competition No 2

  14 JK Abandoned Architecture

Tonight we are joined via Zoom by James Kerwin. A British born photographer who was living in Norwich until January 2019, James has spent the last seven years composing images of once-thriving buildings that are now crumbled, hidden, or completely forgotten. Having stumbled across architecture photography in late 2013
James has been shooting inside abandoned spaces and hidden interiors ever since across the world ever since.
In 2014 James began shooting his first abandoned building series ‘Decadence’ and has now built up a large portfolio taken in some of the most striking abandoned structures, relics and ruins in Europe and beyond.
James’ primary focus is capturing rich colour palettes and straight lines in the camera, then using modern post-processing techniques to develop each completed image.
Travel plays a huge part in James’ image making. He has a fascination with different cultures foods textures and colours.

James Kerwin - website

  21  The Emotional Landscape
We are delighted to welcome Huw Alban back to Devizes. Huw explore why the dialogue between him and the subject is so important, and also how he include the results of that dialogue in his own images.
Rather than blind the audience with lengthy psychological theories Huw illustrates what he has done and why with a series of examples, with each explaining what was in his head at the time, and how that has influenced the final result.
Huw Alban - website

 28  Results for Open Print Competition No 2

Our Judge this evening is Peter Ottley CPAGB LRPS

EntriesClosing Date for entries for Open Projected Image Competition No 3

   April 2023
   4 Odd Things

Diane Seddon ARPS AFIAP CPAGB BPE3 joins us via Zoom to give us her insights into thinking about personal creativity, experimentation, and getting to grips with your camera.

Dianne Seddon - website

  11 TW rockThe Water’s Edge; a celebration of the British Coast

Tonight’s presentation by Tony Worobiec FRPS is based on a recent publication of the same name which explores a variety of locations in the UK and abroad and explains how to make the best of the inherent photographic opportunities.

  18 Results for Open Projected Image Competition No 3

Our Judge this evening is Wendy Allard FRPS CPAGB EFIAP/s BPE3*

 25 Richard BakerThe Red Arrows
Our speaker tonight gives us something very special. Richard Baker spent a year photographing and flying with the RAF Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows with a medium format film camera. 
Tonight, Richard talks about his year and how the resulting book came about, together with his obsession with street reportage that sells to the editorial market via Getty Images. Richard’s work has received Pictures of the Year award in the USA from World Press - we are in for a treat.
Richard Baker - website

   May 2023
  2  Battle Devizes CC vs Frome Wessex Photographic 

The next in the series of friendly but nevertheless competitive contests against our friends from Frome Wessex Photographic
Our Judge this evening is Linda Meaton

  9  Print and Projected Image of the Year

The best of the 2022-23 season
Our judge for tonight is Peter Weaver APAGB CPAGB LRPS

 16  Ladies -v- Gents Battle

The annual contest between the genders at the Club. It’s not competitive of course!
Our Judges for this evening are – Eddy Lane ARPS DPAGB EFIAP APAGB and Pam Lane ARPS DPAGB EFIAP APAGB

 23  Annual General Meeting and Awards evening