Programme  2021 - 2022
Venue and map - All club meetings are held at Devizes Sports Club on Tuesday evenings - doors open around 7-15 with the meetings commencing at 7-45.
Members pay £2.50 per meeting.

Non members pay £2.50 per meeting, up to a maximum of 3 meetings, after which they are asked to join the club.
Groups  – the Landscape Group, normally meets on the 1st. Thursday

Competitions please check before entering club competitions for information and rules.

  November 2021
   All meetings are on Tuesday evenings unless otherwise shown
 30  Nobody

Mike Martin AWPF AFIAP returns to the Club to talk about non-people or anonymous people photography. 
Mike shows how his approach to image making used in to my portrait photography cross over into my non-portrait work and how there is a continuity of style across multiple genres.
 December 2021
 07  Results for Open Print Competition No 1
Our Judge this evening is Peter Woodhouse

Closing Date for entries for the Christmas Image Knock Out fun evening See Competitions for details
 14  Nick HansonMaking the Most of Focal Lengths and Ratios

Crop in camera, not in the computer - Award winning professional photographer ‘Nick Hanson Zooms’ into us from his base on the Isle of Skye and uses his portfolio of stunning photos to explain how to make the best use of a wide range of focal lengths. He also demonstrates how the right choice of crop ratio can have a major impact on the success of an image.

Closing Date for entries for the Projected Image League  See Competitions for details
 21  Christmas Party and Image Knock Out Competition

Our final meeting for 2021 should see a real visit from Father Christmas conducting the customary pre-Christmas fun knock-out competition, followed by festive snacks and refreshments
 26  No Meeting     A Very Merry Christmas and a very peaceful and happy New Year to all our members



     January 2022

Projected Image League
We start the New Year with the annual competition for the Hewitt Cup. Entry is three sets of 5 projected images, each set being on a theme of your choosing. The competition is judged by those Club members present on the evening, scoring each set out of 10, with the scores for each set being averaged to give the final score for the set.

Closing Date for entries for the Annual Monochrome Competitions  See Competitions for details

 NF 1The Use of Natural Light in Landscape Photography

Light can lift an image from the mundane to the spectacular! Nigel Forster visits us from South Wales and will illustrate the great variety of lighting conditions and how to make the most of them.
The presentation is fully illustrated with case studies that take you through the thought process in creating each image.


 18  Member’s Themed Lightbox evening - 'Winter Light'

This year we are trying a different format to the traditional Member's Speed Critique

Prior to the evening Members will be asked to submit up to three images on the theme 'Winter Light'

The images will be shown in random order and the photographer will be invited to briefly talk about their image, following which there will be some gentle critique during which members will have the opportunity to join in the discussion.

A great way to learn from your fellow members and about them too – those who have taken part in previous sessions have found it very valuable


Results for the Annual Monochrome Competitions
Our Judge this evening is Tony Byram ARPS DPAGB EFIAP AWPF

Closing Date for entries for the Annual Landscape Competitions   See Competitions for details

    February 2022
 01  An Evening of Light Painting

Our own Steve Hardman and Caroline Wright lead us in a practical demonstration of how to do light painting and what can be achieved.
Bring your camera

 08  Studio Evening – Macro

We are delighted to welcome our own Steve Burgess demonstrating the creation of superb macro images using his own computer-controlled macro rig. Members are invited to bring along their own equipment.
Bring your camera

 15  Results for the Annual Landscape Competitions

Our Judge this evening is John Tilsley ARPS DPAGB APAGB

Closing Date for entries for the Close-up & Macro, and Creative Competitions   See Competitions for details


Birds eye view - 360 Panoramic photography by drone

And now for something completely different. Local photographer Ian Collis talks to us about he creates immersive 360-degree aerial panoramas - safely and within the law. The presentation covers an explanation of equirectangular images, and the equipment, techniques, and software used to capture and process them.

     March 2022
RH Langdale'The Landscape Group Presents’

Our very own Robert Harvey BA ARPS EFIAP MCIWEN CSci CEnv presents his latest book “Britain’s Best landscapes and how to Photograph them’ followed by images and presentations from members of the Landscape Group, from both Group and individual excursions



Results for the Close-up & Macro and Creative Competitions
Our Judge this evening is Colin Harrison FRPS MPAGB APAGB EFIAP/d2


ST cheetahTwo in the Bush

Multi-award winning Wildlife photographers Ann and Steve Toon speak to us from their base in the north-east of England to discuss their 20 year career as professional photographers specialising in the wildlife and wild places of Southern Africa, and explain the techniques and creative approaches they use to make their pictures stand-out from the crowd.
The presentation will be held via Zoom.

Website    Safari Website

 22  Results for Open Print Competition No 2

Our Judge this evening is Mike Dales ARPS CPAGB

Closing Date for entries for Open Projected Image Competition No 3      See Competitions for details

 29  Animals on the Edge: Reporting from the Frontline of Extinction

Award-winning Professional wildlife photographer Chris Weston presents images with behind-the-lens stories and anecdotes from his time in the field documenting the world’s rarest and most endangered wildlife.

    April 2022

RB bananaFlying with the Red Arrows
Our speaker tonight gives us something very special. Richard Baker spent a year photographing and flying with the RAF Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows with a medium format film camera.

Tonight, Richard talks about his year and how the resulting book came about, together with his obsession with street reportage that sells to the editorial market via Getty Images. Richard’s work has received Pictures of the Year award in the USA from World Press - we are in for a treat.



Battle - Devizes CC vs Frome Wessex CC (AWAY)

The next in the series of friendly but nevertheless competitive contests against our friends from Frome Wessex Camera Club.
Our Judge this evening is [TBA]
Details to follow

   12  Results for Open Projected Image Competition No 3

Our Judge this evening is Peter Crane APRS

   19  Shooting commercially off the beaten track.

Documenting the Origins of Coffee
• How does a photographer work so far from home?
• What are the pros & cons of working this way?
• What can we learn from working in difficult conditions?
There is a massive pressure to produce when time is money.
Mc2 Photography’s James McCormick will open up and show his entire shoot from start to finish whilst explaining the techniques he employed to produce the images and the all-important reasoning behind each and every shot.


How to present your images as an Audio-Visual sequence

What makes a successful Audio Visual presentation? How do you go about making a sequence – what do you need?
Ian Bateman FRPS MPAGB AV-AFIAP APAGB is Vice-Chairman of the RPS AV Group, and will explain how to prepare images and sound to create an AV sequence, with examples of the many AV sequences in his portfolio.
The presentation will be held via Zoom.

    May 2022
Print and Projected Image of the Year

The best of the 2021-22 season
Our judge for tonight is Eddy Lane ARPS DPAGB EFIAP APAGB


Ladies -v- Gents Battle

The annual contest between the genders at the Club. It’s not competitive of course!

Our Judges for this evening are [TBC]

  17 Annual General Meeting and Awards Evening