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Please note that under the current conditions of Covid 19 restrictions meetings will be held using Zoom.
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August 2020

The Southampton International Exhibition 2020
Our opportunity to view the Accepted and Awarded entries from the 107th Southampton International, with live commentary from Exhibition Chairman Sue Dunham APAGB CPAGB and added commentary from our own Clive and Joan Rathband who were two of the three judges for the event


 Nature and Macro - 'Show and Tell'
an opportunity for members to share and discuss some of their own recent Nature and Macro images and get feedback from other Club members, ready for the start of the 2020-21 season on 1st September

Annual Social Event

Please note, due to the current situation all meetings until at least the end of September 2020 will be on Zoom only. We will be returning to our normal meeting venue of the Sports Club Devizes as soon as circumstances permit – please watch this space for updates.

Please see Competitions for further information on entering club Competitions

 September 2020
  1 Seeing the Light – 25 Years of Landscape and Nature Photography Techniques 
  GE sunset
We open our new season with a return visit by Guy Edwardes with his acclaimed new presentation using some of his stunning Landscape and wildlife images from around the world with tips and techniques as to how they were achieved. Definitely one not to be missed. 
  8 Working with Textures
  JL gilded creaturesThis evening we welcome Jane Lazenby BA(hons) fine art, CPAGB, LRPS, LMPA, BPE3*, EFIAP, ASEA, QTFE(2). Answering all the how and why questions, Jane discusses sourcing and creating textures, using blend modes and texture application. Her presentation is image rich with a multitude of examples to illustrate her slides.
In the second half Jane will live edit up to 8 images discussing technique and texture choices, narrating every click clearly with the aim in seeing this process for real to makes a real learning experience for the members.
Jane has her own free YouTube channel to make a good back up, so there is no need to take notes. Level: beginners to intermediate Photoshop. 

Closing Date for entries for Open Projected Image Competition No 1

  15 Southern Iceland
  LW ice
Tonight, we are joined by Leigh Woolford AWPF EFIAP DPAGB BPE3 HonFWPF. Leigh has been to Iceland on many occasions and has fallen in love with that cold, hot, beautiful, ugly, bonkers island. His talk is based a journey down route 1 from Keflavik to Hofn, visiting many locations on route and including information, maps and lots of photos.  
  22 Sports Photography
  Nicki Douglas-Lee has been the Team Photographer at Motor Sport events and is the official Photographer for the National Sprint Association as well as various Equine Events. She has been the Official Photographer for the annual Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race since 2014 as well as for Devizes Rugby Club. Capturing the passion, the intensity and the art of movement, one field that encapsulates all of these elements is Sports Photography. 

  29 Results for Open Projected Image Competition No 1
 Our Judge this evening is John Hudson ARPS SPSA DPAGB ASPS

Closing Date for entries for the Annual Nature Competition

   October 2020
   6 Waiting for the Herds
  SM Herds
Sue Morris is a professional photographer combining a successful portrait, wedding and commercial business with a love of wildlife photography. Her images have been fortunate enough to reach the final stages of the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Bird Photographer of the Year competitions, awarded a second place in the SWPP Wildlife Photographer of the year and published in National newspapers.
Focused on the wildlife of Tanzania during the dry season, tonight’s presentation includes some big cat encounters Sue has been lucky enough to experience and a very special cheetah family she has spent time with.
 Website   Wildlife Images
  13 Photographing Wiltshire
   Tonight’s speaker needs little introduction as we welcome our very own Robert Harvey BA ARPS EFIAP MCIWEM CSci CEnv. 
Wiltshire’s landscape encompasses quintessential scenes of whale-backed chalk hills, exquisite Cotswold villages, England’s finest landscape garden and quirky white horses, together with the world’s largest and most famous stone circles. In this talk, accompanying his new Fotovue guide to the county, he will share its secrets. 

  20 Results for the Annual Nature Competition
    Our Judge this evening is Ralph Snook ARPS DPAGB EFIAP/b

Closing Date for entries for Open Projected Image Competition No 2

  27 Whatever Next
   Richard Price gives a reflective look at his photography through the years with a personal perspective on his photographic journey and how it changed his mental health. 

   November 2020
  3 Up Your Photography

PS bluetitOur countryside as seen through the lens of award-winning BBC Natural History Unit cameraman Phil Savoie. An evening of photographic discovery with tips and tricks shared throughout. 

  10 Results for Open Projected Image Competition No 2
   Our Judge this evening is Robert Phelps

Closing Date for entries for Open Print Competition No 1

  17 From Camera to Print
   Tim Jones from Fotospeed guides us as to how to get the best results from your printer, through the camera, colour management and printer.

• Which printer to choose – makes and sizes, Canon vs Epson for and against?
• Inks – genuine or 3rd party?
• Basic colour management
• Spyder X Pro
• Should you work in jpeg, raw or tiff?
• Installing paper profiles
• Basic soft proofing techniques
• Hard proofing technique
• Understanding the print dialogue box
• My prints are too dark, what has gone wrong?
• Look at papers how do I choose the paper that will make my image look amazing?

  24 Studio Evening
   Bring your cameras and kit for an evening of practical Tabletop and Portraiture and the chance to compare notes and learn from other members. 

   December 2020
  1 Results for Open Print Competition No 1
Our Judge this evening is John Taylor

Closing Date for entries for the Christmas Image Knock Out fun evening

  8 Photoshop Clinic
  Ray Grace ARPS DPAGB leads this evening’s clinic is aimed at solving Photoshop problems and demonstrating any techniques that you wish to learn.

  15 Christmas Party and Image Knock Out Competition
   Our final meeting for 2020 should see a real visit from Father Christmas conducting the customary pre-Christmas fun knock-out competition, followed by festive snacks and refreshments.

Closing Date for entries for the Projected Image League

  22 No Meeting   A Very Merry Christmas to all our members

  29 No Meeting We wish all our members a very peaceful and happy New Year

    January 2021
   5 Projected Image League

We start the New Year with the annual competition for the Hewitt Cup. Entry is three sets of 5 projected images, each set being on a theme of your choosing. 
The competition is judged by those Club members present on the evening, scoring each set out of 10, with the scores for each set being averaged to give the final score for the set.

Closing Date for entries for the Annual Monochrome Competitions

  12 Animals on the Edge: Reporting from the Frontline of Extinction
  Award-winning Professional wildlife photographer Chris Weston presents images with behind-the-lens stories and anecdotes from his time in the field documenting the world’s rarest and most endangered wildlife. 

  19 Member’s Speed Critique
   We invite a number of our members to bring a selection of their images for discussion. Divided into small groups, the remaining members will have about 10 minutes giving feedback on the set before moving on to the next set. A great way to learn from your fellow members and about them too – those who have taken part in previous sessions have found it very valuable.

  29 Results for the Annual Monochrome Competitions
  Our Judge this evening is Sandie Cox ARPS DPAGB AFIAP

Closing Date for entries for the Annual Landscape Competitions

   February 2021
  2 Wildlife Reintroductions and Conservation and Southwest Wildlife Photography 

We are delighted to welcome back to Devizes acclaimed wildlife photographer Nick Upton. 
Nick will show wildlife / documentary shots of UK White stork, Beaver and Pine marten reintroductions, Seal and Bat rescue plus Siberian Flying squirrel conservation in Estonia, then Southwest wildlife / conservation coverage of foxes, badgers, deer, newts and more.

  9 Studio Evening – Macro
  We are delighted to welcome our own Steve Burgess demonstrating the creation of superb macro images using his own computer-controlled macro rig. Members are invited to bring along their own equipment.

  16 Results for the Annual Landscape Competitions
    Our Judge this evening is Peter Orr ARPS

Closing Date for entries for the Close-up & Macro, and Creative Competitions

  23  Birds Eye View - 360 Panoramic Photography by Drone
   And now for something completely different. Local photographer Ian Collis talks to us about he creates immersive 360-degree aerial panoramas - safely and within the law. The presentation covers an explanation of equirectangular images, and the equipment, techniques, and software used to capture and process them.

    March 2021
   2 “The Landscape Group Presents”
  An evening of images and presentations from members of the Landscape Group, from both Group and individual excursions.

Closing Date for entries for Open Print Competition No 2
  9 Results for the Close-up & Macro and Creative Competitions
  Our Judges this evening are Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP DPAGB and Joan Rathband FRPS FPSSA AFIAP DPAGB

  16 Wildlife Through a Lens
  TW elephant
Within this talk Multi -Award winning photographer Tom Way goes into what it takes to be a Wildlife Photographer. Talking about the importance of light, the right angles and the emphasis on trying to compose a sellable image when looking through the lens. Tom describes his adventures over the last few years, and how he has gone from working in a gym to now taking wildlife images around the world and exhibiting them over the UK. Awarded many times, including the World Sony Photographer Awards, and the Outdoor Photographer of the Year Award, Tom has been European Wildlife Photographer of the Year. An evening definitely not to be missed.
  23 Results for Open Print Competition No 2
  Our Judge this evening is Mike Hendon LRPS

Closing Date for entries for Open Projected Image Competition No 3
  30 Two Pairs of Eyes
  We welcome two old friends of the Club, John Tilsley ARPS, APAGB, DPAGB and Di Tilsley APAGB CPAGB.
Di and John show that two people can visit the same place and record it in different ways. It is not just the different genre PDI’s for Di and Prints for John but also different styles. John will show the prints in the 1st half and Di PDI’s in the second.

   April 2021
   6 Battle vs Frome Wessex Camera Club
  The next in the series of friendly but nevertheless competitive contests against our friends from Frome Wessex Camera Club.
Our Judge this evening is [TBA]

  13 Results for Open Projected Image Competition No 3
  Our Judge this evening is Clive Greenland ASIMWP QGPP LRPS

  20 Red Arrows and Street Photography
  RB banana
Our final visiting speaker of the year gives us something very special. Richard Baker spent a year photographing and flying with the RAF Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows with a medium format film camera.
Tonight, Richard talks about his year and how the resulting book came about, together with his obsession with street reportage that sells to the editorial market via Getty Images. Richard’s work has received Pictures of the Year award in the USA from World Press - we are in for a treat.

  27 The Great Post-Processing Challenge
  Capturing an image in camera is one thing, but in many cases, it is only part of the story. While it is true that Raw images have to be processed, many of the images we see take on an added, possibly dimension in post processing.
Tonight, we set a challenge; given a RAW file, what can you do with it?
This promises to be both fun and instructive – more details in due course.

    May 2021
  4 Print and Projected Image of the Year
  The best of the 2020-21 season.
Our judge for tonight is Adrian Herring ARPS DPAGB

  11 Ladies -v- Gents Battle
  The annual contest between the genders at the Club. It’s not competitive of course!
Our Judges for this evening are [TBC]

  18 Annual General Meeting and Awards evening