Calne CC Annual Multi Club Battle results                                                              back to Battles
2017 results
First Lock of the Flight by Caroline Wright - 18 points
Knowlton Church and Earthworks by Robert Harvey - 17 points
Kingfisher with Catch by Robert Harvey - 20 points
Sunset, Eilean Donan by Sue Wadman - 18 points
Brothers by Dave Gray- 17 points
Hawfinch by Gill Cardy -19 points

Club placings -
1st Nonpareil, 2nd Devizes, 3rd Bath, 4th Frome Wessex, 5th Corsham,
6th Royal Wootton Basset, 7th Calne, 8th Stratton, 9th Swindon

2016 results
Langdale Pikes in Storm Light by Dave Gray 19 points
Red Fox Coming by Gill Cardy FRPS DPAGB AFIAP 18 points
Marbled White in Evening Light by Julia Stainer 17 points
Golden Light by Lynda Rugg 20 points
Coming – ready or not by Mike Valentine 20 points
Crystal Ball Gazing by Peter Eley 17 points
Squirrel Leap by Richard Watson 18 points
The Wave by Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP 18 points
A Frosty April Sunrise by Sue Wadman 19 points

Club final placings-
Nonpareil - 1st, Calne 2nd, Frome Wessex 3rd,  Devizes 4th, Royal Wootton Bassett 5th,  Lacock 6th
Swindon 7th,   Warminster  8th,  Stratton 9th,    Trowbridge 10th

2015 results

Cosford Hangar by Janet Rutter - 16 points
Daydreaming by Pam Mullings - 20 points
Sleek and Modern by Tim Pier - 16 points
Egret flying to Nest by Gill Cardy FRPS DPAGB AFIAP - 16 points
Flamingo at Rest by Jean Ingram - 15 points
St. Pauls by Richard Watson LRPS -17 points
Guggenheim by David Fraser - 14 points
Misty Morn by Michael Barnes - 13 points
Kestrel on Cliff Top by Stuart Barnes - 19 points
Kimmeridge Bay by Michael Valentine - 16 points

Club final results:
Nonpareil 1st place
Highworth CC and Calne CC - tied for second place
Warminster CC 4th place
Devizes CC - 5th place
Bath PS - 6th place
Swindon PS - 7th place
Frome Wessex CC - 8th place

2014 Results

First Ball by Andy Vick - 17 points 
Gt. Egret in Sunset Flight by Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB AFIAP 17 points
Sunset at Burnham by Gill Ford-Pier - 15 points
A Face in the Crowd by Jean Ingram -14 points
Catching up by Leila Searight - 17 points
Arachnophobia by Pam Mullings - 15 points
St. Michael's Mount - by Robert Harvey ARPS AFIAP - 15 points
Durdle Dor by Tim Pier - 15 points
Yellow Golden Orb Spiderr Female with Male by Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP DPAGB - 18 points
African Queen by Dave Gray - 18 points
Final Club Placings - 1st Non Pareil,  2nd Frome Wessex,  = 3rd  Devizes,   = 3rd  Warminster,  = 5th  Calne, 
= 5th Bath,   7th  Swindon,   8th  Trowbridge,   9th Highworth 

2013 Results Devizes 2nd place

Shadow Dancer by Stephen McGrath - 16 points
Man in a Red Hat by Martin Horton - 17 points
Baboon with Young by Kevin Ferris LRPS - 14 points
Ystradfellte Waterfall by Dave Gray -18 points
Coastal Recession by Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP -13 points
Bald Eagle flying off by Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB AFIAP - 18 points
Camels, Sahara by Hilary Eagles - 17 points
Bagan Temples - by Martin Horton - 19 points
Glimpse of Beauty by Stephen Mcgrath - 15 points
Stargazing,Glastonbury Tor by Robert Harvey ARPS AFIAP - 13 points

2012 results Devizes - 1st place

Snowbird by Charlotte Morris LRPS - 20 points
Goshawk Plucking Prey'by Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB AFIAP - 20 points
Pollinated'by Stephen McGrath - 19 points
Winter Surfer' by Stephen McGrath - 19 points
Portrait from Vietnam by Martin Horton - 19 points
Font Reflections by Chris Beard -  17 points
Crossing the Mara by Pam Mullings - 17 points
Simple Elements by Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP - 15 points

2011 Results

1st Devizes                    183 points
2nd Calne Woodlands    176 points
3rd Warminster              173 points
4th Swindon                   165 points
5th Trowbridge               159 points
6th Wootton Bassett       155 points
7th Corsham                  151 points 
During the evening there were 6 images that were awarded the maximum 20 points and 3 of these images belonged to Devizes Camera Club members. Clive Rathband and his 'Striated Caracara with Skua Head', Gill Cardy's 'Red Grouse in Flight' and Robin Gregory's 'Oliver's Castle'.
Judge John Tilsley was in no doubt that his favourite image of the evening was Robin's 'Oliver's Castle' an image that also received a Ribbon in the recent PAGB Projected Image Competition.