New rules -  Print & Projected Image competition entries must all be marked T or C
Entrants are required to send electronically to the competition secretary by the closing date a list of their entries in numbered order, stating the title and other information required by the rules of that competition (Open, Monochrome, Nature and Landscape), including where applicable whether images are “traditional” or “creative”. 
The Competition Secretary shall incorporate this information into the list of entries given to the judge. The Competition Secretary shall also give to the judge a copy of the rules of each competition including the requirements for eligibility.
If the Competition Secretary has reason to believe that an image entered in a competition may not comply with the rules relating to “traditional” entries then he/she may request from the photographer a copy of the original RAW file for that entry.  If an entry declared as “traditional” is found to be non-compliant with the rules then the photographer shall forfeit any placings, highly commended awards and points gained from all images in that competition.

Entries to open competitions shall be declared as either “Traditional” or “Creative” by the photographer at the time of entry, by means of a suffix of “T” (Traditional) or “C” (Creative) added to the entry class and on the list sent to the Competition Secretary .
“Traditional” images shall be those that are created in camera with post-production limited to cropping, minor retouching of blemishes, selective lightening and darkening, and removal of minor distracting or unwanted objects by digital cloning. 
Focus stacking and High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing are allowed. 
Stitching together multiple images of the same scene to create a panorama is also allowed. 
Images where the essential truth of the photographic statement has been altered in processing, including digital alterations of the main subject matter or selectively incorporating elements from more than one original photograph (including importing main subjects, background or skies that were not present in the original scene) shall NOT BE ELIGIBLE to be classed as “Traditional” images.
“Creative” images shall be those depicting “altered reality”, defined as images which do not fit the description of “Traditional” images  

If an entrant fails to declare entries as “Traditional” or “Creative”, the competition secretary shall assume they are “Creative” and mark them accordingly for judging.