Projected Image League

Projected Image League for the Hewitt Cup
Each member may enter up to a maximum of three themed sets each comprising five digitally projected images, and will be judged as a set by all Club members present on the night of the competition. Members present will score each set (except their own). 
Each set will be marked out of a total of 10 marks.  The average of all marks given for the set will be used as that set's League score.
The competitor obtaining the highest total League score (across all sets) shall be the winner.  In the event of a tie on total points, the winner shall be the tied competitor who has the highest score for a single set.  In the event of a tie on both overall points and the highest scoring set, the scores for each tied competitor’s second scoring sets will be taken into account. 
Points shall be awarded for the top 6 entrants, those coming 4th, 5th and 6th being deemed to be 'Highly Commended' for this purpose.
Points shall be awarded for the top 6 entrants, those coming 4th, 5th and 6th being deemed to be 'Highly Commended' for this purpose.
The author with the highest combined average scores will be awarded the Hewitt Cup.  Please note - Competition Sections do not apply to this Competition.
Bonus points will be awarded to those in Beginners and Intermediate sections. 1st, 2nd & 3rd - 2 bonus points. Highly commended - 1 bonus point.

Entry requirements
Members can enter up to 3 sets * - if you enter less you reduce your chances of winning as the scores for all 3 entries are combined.
Each set must comprise of 5 digital images based on a theme.
Each image must be no more than 1920 wide and no more than 1080 pixels high (please note: portrait shaped images max.1080px high)
Please make sure all images in a set are the same resolution. Save as a JPEG.
Each of the images in a set must be numbered 01 to 05 in the order that they are to be projected i.e. 01 02 03 04 05 No need to name individual images.
Each set of 5 images must be copied to a folder. The folder must be numbered 01, 02 or 03 in order of preference and named with the title of the set (up to 25 letters inc. spaces) plus your own name.
e.g. 01 Birds-Joe Bloggs 02 Flowers-Joe Bloggs 03 Colours-Joe Bloggs    Please number your entries in order of preference
Send the folders to a Zip file (or Zip files) and emailed - subject ‘PI League’
(You may need to send your entries on separate emails depending on your email size limit)
* Please note - If there are too many entries to be shown during the evening – all entrants will be limited to 2 sets each.
Competition evening
Each set will be projected - first showing the title and thumbnails of the complete set in the order in which each image file is numbered.

Each individual image will then be projected slowly for consideration. The time that each image is shown and the time allowed for marking is pre-set.
There will be a pause for you to mark your score out of 10 on the score sheet before the next set of images is projected.
Your score should reflect your opinion of the complete set not just on the individual images.
Each set should have a theme and the images should display well together – photographic and artistic qualities and how well the images illustrate the chosen title should be taken into consideration. No authors will be shown on the projected images or the score sheet.
The result should be announced the next week.                    Any queries - Please contact the Competition Secretary.

Below are some examples of themes entered in previous Image League competitions.

1 AutumnAutumn
1 Insects setInsects
1 Bearded setBearded Characters