Club AGM and Presentation of Trophies 17 May 2022   

Members met at the Devizes Sports Club for the AGM with others able to see the proceedings from their own homes via Zoom. Business moved on very quickly, last year’s minutes were approved and the reports from committee members had already been circulated.
Club chairman Steve Hardman said in his report that it had been a year of ups and downs with the pandemic lockdowns meaning many meetings were held on Zoom. It was with some trepidation that members were welcomed back to the Sports Club but it was good that members could again socialise once again.
Steve thanked members whose efforts had helped the club get back to some sort of normality. Programme secretary Frank Collins had produced an interesting selection of speakers; through the use of Zoom we were able to have some excellent presentations from outside our usual range. Frank coped admirably when the programme had to be changed at very short notice. Frank said that most of the 2022/23 programme was already planned with a range of interesting speakers, competitions and practical evenings. We can all look forward to the next season. 
Dave Eagle was thanked for his technical expertise running the competitions and the Zoom meetings. Often meetings have members attending in person, some on Zoom and the judge, speaker or chairman also on Zoom from different places. Dave has been ably assisted with the competitions by David Wilkinson and Gerald Clarke.
Club Treasurer, Lynda Croft was thanked for her work keeping the accounts up to date. The club finances continue to be in good order and the club is well placed to begin the 2022/23 season.
Steve thanked Bridget Codrington for her work using social media to publicise club activities. Caroline Wright, as Membership Secretary, has again looked after our members’ database. Pam Mullings was thanked for continuing to run the club website.
AGM trophiesDave Gray was thanked for his work as both Club Secretary and Battle Secretary. For many years Dave has led a very successful Landscape group taking members on both local trips and longer stays further afield but Dave has decided to step down from that role. For all his work for the club over the years Dave was made a Life member of the club.
To replace the Landscape Group, Caroline Wright has organised a range of local trips covering diverse subjects of interest to members. Thanks to all the committee members who continue to contribute in many ways to keep the club running.
The pandemic has taken a toll on membership of many clubs with some local camera clubs folding. There was a discussion on how the club might ‘re-brand’ itself and get back to its former high number of members. The committee are going to discuss some of the ideas put forward.
After the break the club trophies were presented so many congratulations to those who have won competitions during the last season. Thanks to Dave Eagle for organising the engraving and for polishing up the gleaming display of silverware shown!
See the list of award winners.
Enjoy the summer break, take a lot of interesting photos and get ready for the next season starting on 6 September. PM