How to present your images as an Audio-Visual Sequence 26 April 2022   

Club members were given an inspiring insight into the making of AV’s by Ian Bateman FRPS MPAGB AV-AFIAP APAGB. AV’s can be as simple as a series of still images set to music or can be much more complicated withanimated  images, music and recorded dialogue that combine to tell a story.
Ian demonstrated the use of Pictures to Exe (PTE) AV Studio which is excellent software that cleverly combines your own still images, video, music and voice overs to play on a computer, TV or show on ‘You Tube’.
With a bit of artistic skill and practice you can create remarkable AV’s which Ian very ably demonstrated by showing us some of his own award winning sequences. Ian Bateman is Vice-Chairman of the RPS AV Group and presented examples of the many AV sequences in his portfolio. An AV titled ‘Cathedral’ showed a range of beautiful interiors skilfully put together so that they flowed seamlessly with well-chosen music. ‘Two Circles’ cleverly combined images of Stonehenge with a replica Stonehenge built at Maryhill, Washington USA to honour the dead of World War 1. In contrast ‘Dismaland’ showed artist Banksy’s take on a Disney theme park in a rather run-down area of Weston-Super-Mare.
Ian said that first you need an idea which he says is the difficult bit! You need a number of suitable still images that fit the theme and complimentary music.
After you have selected the images for your sequence they should all be resized to the same aspect ratio and saved in a folder together with recorded music and any other sound effects. Open the PTE software and then drag your images onto the timeline. Transitions used between images should mostly be simple fades but you can choose from the wide range available when appropriate. Music, sound effects and voice overs can be added and the timings all easily adjusted.
Ian finished this entertaining evening by showing some more of his very creative sequences. ‘Going Underground’ comprised cleverly manipulated images taken on the London Underground. ‘The Gathering’ showed some excellent animated effects as Antony Gormley’s ‘Angel of the North appeared to fly from an exhibition site in London to a hilltop in Gateshead.
Members were moved by the sequence titled ‘The Fallen’ which skilfully combined images of poppy fields, the ceramic poppies in the Tower of London moat and the thousands of shrouded model figures laid in rows commemorating the dead of WW1.
Ian was thanked for giving such an inspiring demonstration about the making of an AV and for sharing his own well-crafted sequences.
Maybe members will be inspired to have a go at creating their own AV’s after this fascinating presentation. PM
See some of Ian's AV' on his website