Two in the Bush 15 March 2022   

AS Toon LionSteve and Ann Toon have been photographing the wildlife of Southern Africa for over 20 years and they spoke very enthusiastically via Zoom about their experiences. This husband and wife team are award winning professional photographers with a passion for wildlife. As former journalists they write and illustrate books and articles on photography, travel and wildlife conservation.
AS Toon zebraAfter the travel restrictions were lifted recently, they were delighted to return to one of their favourite African destinations and spent 5 weeks in the arid south of the Kalahari. They showed us some of their recent excellent images of the big cats as well as many of the birds and mammals found in the area.
They explained the techniques and creative approaches they use to make their pictures stand-out from the crowd. So many excellent photos are taken nowadays that they try to look for something different. Animal behaviour is studied so that they can capture the interaction between them and they also like to photograph the more unusual subjects that are often overlooked. They like to experiment with different creative techniques such as using a slow shutter speed or Intentional Camera Movement. Back and rim lighting can give interesting effects.
Local knowledge of an area is important, whether that is home in the UK or abroad as it is by studying animal behaviour that can portray the character of the creature. Getting down low and eye to eye with your subject is good advice.
Steve and Ann went on to show the locations where they lead photographic safaris. Photographing from hides or from a boat you can get really close without disturbing the subject. Taking photographs at night with just a small amount of illumination can give insight into a hidden world.
Steve and Ann were thanked for giving an insight into their exciting life and for showing us a range of their delightful wildlife images.PM
A range of their excellent images can be seen on their website