Projected Image League 4 January 2022   

The first meeting of 2022 and once again Zoom technology came into good use for the club’s Annual Projected Image Competition as members could see all the entered sets and score each set from their own home and even see the final result!
There was a good entry of 44 sets – each set was of 5 images on a chosen theme. Members had to show their opinion of how well the images displayed together, photographic and artistic qualities and how well the images illustrate the chosen title. After the images from each set were shown then members could award points between 1 and 10. The scores from each set were averaged and then the scores from the 3 sets entered were added to give a winner.
As might be expected there was a wide range of subjects including magnificent landscapes and wildlife studies but some were completely different such as images of a cheese grater from all angles, gargoyles and Steam Punk!
Top marks mainly went to landscape and wildlife sets but aircraft and super bikes did well. The range of points awarded was interesting as one image had points ranging from 1 at the bottom up to 10 at the top so a wide range of opinions!
Cleverly juggling with the controls of Zoom and also displaying the sets was Dave Eagle and entering and checking the results on the spreadsheet were Frank Collins and Gerald Clarke so many thanks to them all.
DW sets
Finally the clever software worked out all the averages and added the 3 scores and at the end of the evening the results were given.
In first place were the superb wildlife sets by David Wilkinson LRPS which featured Otters, Tawny Owls and Cuckoos. David wins the Hewitt Cup and an image from each of David’s sets are shown above.
In second place was Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP with sets titled The Colours of Summer, Ancients of Savernake and Gannets. Roberts set of Gannet images was the set that scored the highest out of all the sets entered in the competition.
RH set
Third came Dave Evans whose sets featured a range of photographs of Spitfires, Birds on Bempton Cliffs and Grey Seals.
DE sets
Highly Commended’s were awarded the next 3 members with the highest scores. These were Frank Collins, Richard Blackbourne and Peter Evans so very well done to them. Thanks to all who entered as it takes a lot of time and skill to put together the 3 sets of 5 images needed.
Thanks to Dave Eagle for collecting all the entries and making up the competition and to all who helped make the evening run so successfully. PM
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