Open Print Competition 01 7 December 2021   

PE Sea EagleClub members welcomed Peter Woodhouse to judge the first Open Print competition that the club has been able to run since early 2020. Last season all print competitions had to be cancelled because of the pandemic.
This was now the print workers chance to show their images and there were entries in each of the 3 sections. As usual a diverse range of subjects which makes it difficult for a judge to choose between a landscape or a portrait,  a nature subject against a still life as they are all so different. Peter had looked carefully at the composition, focus, contrast and colour on each print and gave his views.
Starting with the Beginners the judge commented on each of the nine entries. First place was awarded to Peter Evans for his impressive image titled ‘Sea Eagle’. The judge said it was a very striking action image of the bird in flight. Peter also impressed with his image ‘Old Church and Milky Way’ and it was awarded second place. The image was a long exposure of the night sky with an interesting building in the foreground. Third place went to a quality colour print by Dave Johnson titled ‘Derwent Sunset’. Tony Leach gained an HC for the subtly coloured ‘Dawn over the River Frome’.

BC Light SupperNext came the Intermediate section entries with an impressive still life gaining first place. ‘Light Supper’ by Bridget Codrington was well composed with an excellent composition and lighting.
Second place went to a monochrome woodland scene by Dave Eagle. The judge said that the image titled ‘Distant Light’ managed to pick a small tree as the focal point as it was different to all the other woodland trees in the image. Dave also received an HC for another woodland scene ‘Chrystal Frost in Savernake’
‘Woody’ a great-spotted woodpecker photographed by Richard Blackbourne was in third place.
DW Time to Preen
Finally, the nine Advanced prints were judged with David Wilkinson LRPS gaining first and third places with his nature studies. The judge was impressed by the two gannets caught in the moment of preening each other and ‘Time to Preen’ gained first place. Another well caught moment was the image ‘Apprehensive Fox Cub’ as the cub peered out from the vegetation.
Second place in the section went to ‘Milky Way’ Portland Bill’ by Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP which the judge described as a very striking image. The night sky was portrayed well with good light on the foreground interest. A mono image titled ‘Skeletal Beauty of Holly’ by Janet Rutter was awarded an HC.
After the break Peter Woodhouse showed some of his own images taken on a cruise around the coast of South America. Starting in the city of Rio in Brazil with its beaches and the famous statue of Christ on the Rock, there were visits to many scenic areas including sailing around Cape Horn. The cities with their impressive high rise grand buildings contrasted with the run-down areas with the tangles of power lines overhead. Some areas were decorated with brightly coloured murals to cover the rather dilapidated and faded grandeur. Along the western coast were sights of glaciers and volcanos and impressive snow-capped mountain ranges. Photographs were taken of seabirds, sea-lions, seals and penguin colonies as the cruise took him along the coasts of Argentina and Chile to finish in the city of Santiago.
Peter was thanked for giving his comments and judging the print entries and also for showing his own interesting images.
Thanks to the Competition Secretaries for organising the competition. PM

Full results    All the awarded images can be seen in the Galleries