'Nobody' 30 November 2021   

The presentation by Bristol photographer Mike Martin AWPF AFIAP has an intriguing title. On his last visit to the club Mike showed his impressive portraits but this time he showed images without any people at all - or if any did appear they were anonymous ‘nobodies’!
Mike has had an interest in photography from a young age and likes to experiment with different subjects and techniques. Images are often taken when he is travelling to work and he finds inspiration from city streets, railway stations, art galleries and any quirky details that he notices.
Always looking for something different he says ‘be prepared’ as often ideas comes to him in unexpected places. A poster or graffiti on a wall, people on an escalator or an interesting pattern on a building can result in an interesting image.
Many of the images Mark showed were in monochrome others showed the effective use of a camera converted to infra-red. Intentional camera movement and differential focus were among the interesting techniques used. Most were ‘straight’ photographs with little post-processing but on others he uses some creativity to change colours or posterise.
Mark likes looking for what he describes as ‘tatty stuff’ such as rusty chains or pebbles. Many images were minimalistic with a great deal of trouble taken with the composition and positioning the curves and angles in just the right place in the frame. Simple images of water on a park bench or the curves on a staircase were very effective. Sometimes you can just get lucky he says, and be at the right place at the right time so always have a camera handy.
As well a showing a wide range of his projected images Mark brought along a selection of his impressive prints including the panel of portraits that gained him his Associate of the Welsh Photographic Federation.
Many thanks to Mark for giving the club members many thoughts and ideas and for an inspirational evening.PM
See a range of Mark's images on his Website