Studio Evening 9 November 2021   

studio1The club was pleased to be able to run a practical studio session for the first time since the start of the pandemic. Steve Burgess was asked to organise the session of practical table top and portraiture and he set up 3 areas with lighting and a suitable backdrop.
As no models were available, club members present took turns sitting while other members adjusted their camera settings and practiced taking portraits.
One area used studio flashes where the camera triggers the flashes and another area had constant light. Steve showed how the lamps could be adjusted to give light and shadow on the face and explained about hard and soft lighting effects. Reflectors were used to lighten areas when required.

Each member could have a go at taking 5 images with different lighting effects and comparing the results.
A still life with a candle, books and flowers was also arranged so that members could practice setting up their cameras and trying different angles to achieve the best image.

Members enjoyed trying out something that was new to most and gave them the chance to compare notes and learn from others. Hopefully members will get good results when they process their images and will have learnt a lot from the session.
Thanks to Steve and those that helped set up all the lighting and taking it down afterwards. PM
Images by Jennifer Skjoldbro