Landscape Group Trip to Martinsell Hill 7 November 2021   

The first Landscape Group outing of the 2021-22 year saw six members assemble at 6.30am on Martinsell Hill, Pewsey, to see the sun rise over its eastern ramparts. Despite a not particularly good weather forecast, the sky did produce some fine sunrise colours, and later, some good low angled sun to light the hillside.

A strategically placed car park is available half way up the hill, from where the group had a short walk to the first vantage point to photograph the pre-sunrise colour.  Then, when the sun was too strong to include in the frame, the group climbed to a second vantage point overlooking the great east facing coombe on the hill.

Finally, a steep climb led to a line of ancient beech trees near the top of the hill.  These trees are known locally as ‘The Seven Sisters’, which should really be the Seven ‘Ugly’ Sisters, whose gnarled trunks have been scoured by centuries of wind at the top of one of Wiltshire’s highest hills.

The trip was enjoyed by all who took part, who were pleased to have made the effort of an early start and to have ignored the poor weather forecast. DG
Images below © Dave Gray    'Pre-sunrise Light'  'Ancient Beech Trees' and 'Eastern Coombe'

DG Pre sunriseDG beech treesDG Eastern coombe