The Sea and Me 19 October 2021   

RC 2The club was delighted to welcome Roger Crowcombe back to the club in person rather than on Zoom. Roger has a passion for the sea with all its moods from tranquil and calm to stormy to the full force nature. With a special affinity for the sea, in 2012 Roger was awarded his Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society with a panel of images based on the shoreline. He also lectures in a range of photographic topics
Roger has taken numerous images of the coast just before the sun appears over the horizon. Depending on the weather conditions the sky vary, sometimes a glorious red other times dark and foreboding. Roger showed us a selection of outstanding images taken from the beach just a few yards from his home on the South Coast. Using various photography techniques, he explores this ever-changing environment and how the same scene can change so dramatically in sympathy with the wind, tide and sky.
RC 1Along the south coast are many breakwaters and groynes and by observing the movements of the tide and the direction of the wind the flow of the sea can give many interesting images. From a gentle flow to a huge wave as the water hits any obstacle in its way.
Dusk is another good time to get interesting colours in the reflected in the water.
Roger often uses ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) which with practice can give interesting effects. The shapes and colours blur together giving an almost impressionistic appearance.
RCApart from the water itself Roger gets inspiration from the patterns left in the sand as the tide goes out leaving reflective pools. Also the water worn rocks and wooden piers can give interesting colours and shapes
On a more creative side Roger has taken close up images of the weathered hulls of boats after the have been lifted out of the water for cleaning. The shapes and colours can give the effect of imaginative landscapes. Also Roger has experimented with Photoshop filters which can displace the pixels when one image is laid over another giving some very fascinating effects.
During the break members were able to enjoy viewing a selection of Roger’s expertly printed and presented prints.

Frank Collins thanked Roger for visiting the club in person and showing such a variety of fantastic images.
Thanks to Gerald Clarke for sorting the technology so that some members could see the presentation on Zoom from there own homes. PM