'The Imaginarium' 15 June 2021   

This inspiring presentation by multi-award winning photographer Lynne Morris MPAGB FBPE AFIAP AWPF, gave members the chance to see a rather different genre of photography. Lynne has won numerous gold medals and other awards in National and International competitions with her creative images and is a member of the renowned Wigan 10 photo group who frequently win National photographic competitions.
LM creativeTo enter creative photography competitions, every component of the composite image must have been taken by the photographer. The art is to blend all the elements seamlessly together so that the lighting, perspective and colouring makes up a believable image.
A composite image consists of 2 or more images that are blended together to make a new image. At a very basic level, dropping in a different sky is a composite image but Lynne has taken this much, much further and uses many layers and expertly blends them together to create a unique image. The goal is to make the finished image look as believable as possible.
A creative image is not just a case of using a Photoshop filter but of using one’s own imagination to create something original. Lynne demonstrated how she uses photo-manipulation to create her imaginative composite images. She showed how, layer by layer she adds complex combinations of her own photos to make up her final image. Amongst the many delightful images shown was ‘Octopuses Garden’ and the amusing ‘Catfish’.
LM catjpgLynne uses a bank of her photographs saved in folders – any ‘stuff’ as she calls it - that might be useful to help make up an image.
Cats, dogs, birds, fish and zoo animals feature in many of her humorous images. Taking photographs of old buildings, items in museums and antique shops can provide suitable subjects to help build up the image. Sometimes she uses family and friends to dress up and pose or searches especially for just the right prop.. Lynne can create an image of just about anything she has in her imagination - a hare on a sledge, a goose on a bicycle or an angry fish with boxing gloves!
Editing software has a vast array of useful tools for selecting and cutting out images. Warping tools can transform, colours can be changed and textures added so that the original photograph is unrecognisable.
Inspiration can come from anywhere – a photo, TV, films, adverts or just in the mind. Titles are important and Lynne comes up with many witty and original ideas.
A delightful monochrome portrait of a child looking as though she is behind a dusty window has recently gained a FIAP gold medal. Lynne likes the fact that a single image can mean different things to different people.
Lynne showed us her very clever and imaginative panel of images which were all based on Beatles song titles. Recently a range of Lynne's ‘goose’ creations has been made into a delightful children’s book. 
Lynne has a very creative mind and clearly loves what she does. She was warmly thanked for giving the club such a memorable evening.
Maybe members will be inspired to have a change from straight photography and have a go at making up their own creative images! PM