Annual General Meeting 18 May 2021   

Club members once again used Zoom for the AGM as it has for the whole of the club meetings of the 2020 - 2021 season.
Chairman Steve Hardman began the evening by thanking all the members who have contributed in so many ways to make the club thrive during the last, very difficult year. Steve thanked Programme Secretary Frank Collins for arranging an excellent programme of speakers and managing the many changes that had to be made.
A huge thanks must go to Dave Eagle who masterminded the technical aspects. Dave did a huge amount of work behind the scenes setting up meetings, online polls and even break out rooms for the speed critique evening. He also runs training and practice sessions for our speakers and club members and without his invaluable help I am sure that we would not have enjoyed such a glitch free year. Combined with that he has also run a very busy and successful competition season.
Next September the club hopes to be back at the Sports Club but we now have a wide range of technology available which will enable us to hold hybrid meetings whereby we may have a live audience, but a remote speaker. We may be able to have Zoom for those who cannot attend some meetings but the social aspect is still a very important part of the club. Steve also thanked all the other committee members for their commitment during the year. Reports from all the officers had been circulated to members
Club treasurer Lynda Croft said that she has now made it possible for the club to collect payments using bank cards on club nights.
All of the present committee members were re-elected, Bridget Codrington takes over Publicity and Jennifer Skjoldbro was welcomed as a new committee member.

There were several resolutions put before members who were able to vote using Zoom.
1 It was proposed that those members who had paid a subscription during the 2020-2021 season should have a reduced rate next season. The Sports Club venue has been closed, and so the £30 per member has not been paid. Members voted in favour of this resolution.
2 The Competition Secretary proposed that there should be an adjustment to the numbers competing in the Beginners and Intermediate sections. This was to even up the number of members eligible for each of the Competition sections. During the last season only 4 members were eligible to compete in the Intermediate section but there were so many more competing in Beginners section making it difficult to gain enough points to be promoted. The vote was carried to allow a one off adjustment so that 7 of those with the highest points in the Beginners section are now promoted to Intermediate.
3 The next resolution was to clarify the rules regarding images taken when a photographer is receiving tuition. There was some discussion about exactly what this meant if the photographer gets help or advice from an instructor. Members voted in favour of the rule stating that the image must be created and processed under the direction and control of the author.
4 Next came a more contentious issue and that was how much post processing could be done to a Nature image. The proposal was to bring the club rules in line with the PAGB rules which state that ‘Cloning of image defects and minor distractions, including overlapping elements, are permitted when these do not distort the truth of the photographic statement.’ Members were divided about allowing any cloning of Nature images – some thought it a good idea as this would discourage any ‘gardening’ before taking an image. The resulting vote was that the club’s rule remain unchanged.
5 It was proposed that the rules for entry in both the Print and Projected Image Landscape Competitions should be the same – either British Isles only or worldwide. This was to avoid the present confusion when members submit their entries. There was discussion about discouraging foreign travel because of climate change. After some dissent members, voted in favour of only allowing images from the British Isles for both competitions.
6 Carried unanimously was a proposal to congratulate the committee for keeping the club functioning during the very difficult circumstances of the 2020-21 season. In particular, the club thanks Frank Collins for delivering an excellent programme of speakers and Dave Eagle for his outstanding contribution in efficiently running club competitions and expertly hosting the Zoom sessions.

After the break instead of the usual presentation of awards the club had once again to just hear the names of the trophy winners.
The lists of trophy winners - past and present can be seen on this website. Hopefully when we can start club meetings again the winners can actually be presented with their trophies.

During the summer break Frank has organised fortnightly Zoom presentations on many topics for members and visitors to look forward to.
The 2021-2022 season starts on Tuesday 7 August so with any luck we can all meet up again face to face and enjoy the forthcoming programme together. PM