Ladies -v- Gents Battle - a Win for the Gents 11 May 2021   

Time once again for the annual contest between the genders at the Club but it’s not at all competitive of course!
Club Chair Steve Hardman was able to welcome the Judges Pam and Eddy Lane - both ARPS DPAGB EFIAP whilst in Dorset so Zoom has some advantages!
The Captains were Bridget Codrington for the Ladies and Gerald Clarke for the Gents and they had each selected 30 images for the Battle.
The number of images entered by each photographer was limited, at least 10 images must not have been entered in a club competition or any that were in the PI of the Year competition. Those members that were in the Beginners and Intermediate sections had a bonus of 2 points added to the judges scores.

Without knowing who had taken the images, the Judges each awarded points out of 10 without conferring beforehand. Both Pam and Eddy gave a very good critique on each image and as they are very experienced Judges it was not surprising that in most cases they agreed and gave very similar points. Usual comments about cropping and adding more contrast – especially to monochrome images – some of which were described as rather ‘grey’. Another comment that came up several times was that an insect or a bird on a twig would, if appropriate, look better if the twig was not strait up or strait across. They suggested rotating the image slightly to give a more diagonal line which helps make an image more dynamic.

Comments were given and points awarded as each image was shown and very soon the Gents were well ahead with 9 images having the maximum 10 points from at least one judge by the interval and only one Ladies image had a 10. The halftime scores including the bonuses were Gents 274 and Ladies 250. The Ladies picked up a bit in the second half with the Judges giving 6 images10 points and the Gents had 3 more 10’s. This was still not enough to catch up the Gents score so the Ladies lost on this occasion with the final scores being - Gents 543 and Ladies 503.

DE Hung Out to DryDE Still FightingNotable was Dave Eagle who scored maximum 10’s from each Judge for intriguing image ‘Hung out to Dry’ left.
This was a very unusual sepia toned still life which both judges said made them smile! 
It took a lot of imagination to use teabags and clothes pegs to make an interesting image!

Dave also got 10 from both judges for his well titled image ‘Still Fighting’  right 
This depicted a forest scene with an ancient tree with just the broken remains of the trunk but still alive with a small branch emerging with fresh green leaves!

Dave also got 4 bonus points added as he is in the Intermediate Section so congratulations to Dave.

PM BlowingPM Pastel DelightAlso maximum points went to a creative image by Pam Mullings titled ‘Blowing in the Wind’ left 
The monochrome image showed dandelion seed heads with the seeds blowing away.

Just missing out on the double were seven images that got a ten from one judge and a nine from the other including a creative flower image by Pam titled ‘Pastel Delight’ right 

Shown below are several delightful landscapes which did well including ‘Sunrise over River Kennet’ by Bridget Codrington,
‘Bishops Cannings Sunrise’ by Sue Wadman
and ‘Golden Light, Lindisfarne' by Dave Gray.

A seascape titled 'Motion' by Pete Souster and a nature image by Tim Tapley with a hoverfly titled ‘Eupeodes Luniger' were also was awarded 19 points.

Other images with a total of 19 points were 'Dawn Landing' by Kyra Wilson and 'Grey Heron with Hungry Chicks' by Clive Rathband. Very well done to all.

BC Sunrise  SW Bishops Cannings  DG Golden Light  PS motion TT fly

 Well done to all those whose images were chosen by the Captains for the Battle  Notably the Ladies had entries from 2 new members who had never entered club competitions before so well done to them.

Many thanks to Pam and Eddy for taking the time and trouble to judge the images and give their helpful comments. Thanks to the two captains, also Dave Gray, Frank Collins, Dave Eagle and all those who helped make it such a good evening.

Congratulations to the Gents for winning this year after their defeat last time but let’s wait and see if the Ladies can beat them next time. PM