Two Pairs of Eyes 30 March 2021   

Long standing friends of the club John Tilsley ARPS, APAGB, DPAGB and Di Tilsley APAGB CPAGB made a welcome visit to the club to show images of their recent travels. Even though they are often at the same location at the same time they take usually take different viewpoints and aspects.
John feels that his images should be shown as prints as the printing and paper used can really enhance the images. John is sponsored by Fotospeed and takes a great interest in the wide variety of printing paper available and experiments to find the most suitable paper for each type of image.
For this presentation both John and Di had to show projected images using Zoom so we will have to wait to see John's well presented prints.
John began the evening by showing images taken on a visit to Tenerife. They were hoping for some time to relax in the sunshine but it turned out rather differently. The island experienced unexpected storms and very rough seas which did bring some drama and excitement to the visit. However, in spite of the torrential rain neither he nor Di were deterred and made the best of the conditions. Both showed some dramatic images of the sea breaking over the coastal rocks and harbour walls. As they travelled towards the centre of the island and higher ground there were some dramatic images of the mountains and rock formations above the clouds. After the break Di showed some monochromatic images showing recession in the misty mountain ranges, the volcanic stacks and the lava flows.
A long term interest of John’s is the Swanage Railway and he has been taking photographs of the steam trains for some years. He showed some interesting character portraits with their grimy faces as they take pride in looking after the locomotives. John has photographed many of the enthusiastic volunteers that work on the trains with a view to making a composite collage.
A favourite photography location for both John and Di is the island of Mull with is abundant wildlife and photogenic coastline. Both showed us images of the stunning scenery and John showed some interesting, very minimalistic, atmospheric images of the scenic islands. Di showed some stunning images of white-tailed sea eagles picking up the fish thrown for them from the boat they were on.
John and Di enjoy travelling by narrowboat along the Midland canals photographing the interesting architecture, scenery and wildlife along the quiet waterways.
East Anglia is a favourite winter destination both for its birdlife and coastal scenery. John showed some superb, almost abstract images of flying birds in his own very individual style. Di had some impressive images of flying geese as well as some misty landscapes.
John and Di were thanked for giving the club such an enjoyable evening and an insight into the interesting areas that they had photographed. It was fascinating to see that two people can visit the same place but record it in very different ways. PM