Open Projected Image Competition 10 (Print 2) 23 March 2021   

LC MoonrakerThe club welcomed back Mike Hendon LRPS to judge what should have been an open print competition. The competition had to be changed to open projected images as we have been unable to run print competitions over the last year. Never the less there was a good entry of projected images with a wide variety of interesting subjects.
Mike said that when judging he looks for images that show originality and that have something striking about them. A lot depends on what he has seen before and which images are most appealing on the day that he finally makes his mind up about the awards. Mike said that he was impressed by the overall standard of the entries from each of the sections.

Starting with the Beginners section Mike gave his comments on each entry. He said he was impressed by the generally high standard and went into great detail about each image.
A still life image titled ‘Memories of a Moonraker’ right by Lynda Croft intrigued him. He felt he wanted to know how and why the objects were connected. There were books on Wiltshire, a camera and a spool of film, a compass and an hourglass. The arrangement was well balanced, the colours blended well and it ‘told a story’. The image was awarded first place in the section.
In second place was a well-lit monochrome portrait of a young lad which the judge said reminded him of an old advertisement. ‘My Little Mate’ was by Mark Somerville who also was awarded 3rd place with a view of the Caen Hill locks. Snow covered the path alongside the impressive flight with a good reflection in the water. Mark was also awarded a highly commended for an action shot of a motorbike race at Thruxton. Two images by Bridget Codrington and one each from Gerald Clarke and Richard Blackbourne also gained HC’s.
MS Grebe
In the Intermediate section an atmospheric image 'Great Crested Grebe' left by Martin Stokes gained first place. The judge said that the simplicity and negative space worked well, the tones were muted and the ripples and reflection captured well.
RH Milky WayTwo woodland images by David Eagle caught the judges eye and were awarded second and third places in the section. ‘The Magician’ showed a magnificent ancient tree that the judge said had a mystical quality and ‘Skinny Dancers’ showed a simple and effective monochromatic area of young saplings.

The Advanced section had a range of interesting images with some excellent landscapes but none of them were selected for awards. However, the judge was very impressed by ‘Milky Way over Kimmeridge Bay’ right by Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP. The judge said he had tried astro-photography himself but found it very challenging. He said that staying for hours in the cold and dark could be quite frightening and also the image must be well researched and the location pre-planned. Robert captured an excellent image of the night sky over the coastline and lighthouse. Another lighthouse image by Robert also impressed the judge this time framed by a dramatic wave in ‘Storm Ciara’
Second place went to an outstanding macro image by Tim Tapley. The judge said that ‘Common Blue in Morning Dew’ looked as if it was jewel encrusted. Tim also had an HC with another macro image ‘House Fly’ captured all the minute details including the hairs on its body and the amazing, large deep red eyes.
A monochrome image titled ‘Twilight Barley’ by Susie Bigglestone ARPS was in third place. The image showed the heads of the barley under a cloudy sky. Susie also gained an HC with ‘Bromham Jack’ with a characterful bull strutting his stuff and a very unimpressed cow in the distance.
David Wilkinson’s well caught image of two hares ‘The Chase’ was also awarded an HC. The judge said he appreciated the time the photographer probably took to catch the action.
Congratulations to those who gained awards and thanks to all those who entered the competitions.
Many thanks to Mike for taking the time to give his comprehensive, detailed critique and his judgement on all the entries. Thanks to David Eagle for organising the competition and hosting the Zoom meeting once again.
Full results        The awarded images can be seen in the Galleries