GB Cup - results  

RH adderRH StonehengeThe GB Cup is an annual competition between Camera Clubs throughout the UK, organised by the PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain). It is always judged behind closed doors, though normally by three judges sitting alongside each other.

This year was different, due to the pandemic, and it took a little while for PAGB to solve the technical issues around remote judging. However, judging did eventually take place on 13th-14th March, and we now have the results.

In a change to the rules this year, we were allowed to enter as many images as we liked, all of which would be judged, and the best 12 scores used to make up our final score. This at least meant that a single error in selection would not impact the overall score.
However, being a national competition, Devizes is used to a placing in the lower part of mid-table, and this year was no exception:

• In the Open category, our best 12 images scored 132 points, giving us a placing of 71st= out of 120 competing clubs. For comparison, the winners (Rolls Royce Derby) scored 161 and the bottom club scored 111.

• In the Nature category, our best 12 images scored 123 points, giving us a placing of 64th= out of 104 competing clubs. RH Milky Way
Again for comparison, the winners (South Manchester Camera Club) scored 162. The bottom club scored 28 points, presumably due to an incomplete entry.

On an individual level, congratulations go to Robert Harvey, who scored 13 (out of 15) for ‘Sidewinding Adder’, 12 for ‘Milky Way over Pondfield Cove’ and also 12 for ‘Stonehenge by Moonlight’. DG

Thanks to Battle Secretary Dave Gray and the selectors for entering the DCC images in this National Competition.

See the full results                          Images © Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP