The Landscape Group Presents ... 3 March 2021   

DG Sunbeams on NewlandsMembers of the club Landscape Group were not able to have their usual day or weekend field trips during 2020 because of the Covid restrictions. Following the rules at the time, members were able to visit scenic areas on their own or in small groups and so were still able to show their images to the rest of the club. During the evening members enjoyed seeing images and hearing some of the stories about where they were taken.
Dave Gray as leader of the group began the evening by showing his images taken on another of his treks to the Cairngorms. Climbing some of the high peaks each year, Dave has now reached the top of 269 of the Munros with only 13 still to conquer!
Dave showed us some breath-taking views of the mountain ranges, the deep valleys with the lakes and waterfalls and the wonderful scenery of the Scottish Highlands. Vast landscapes with no one else in sight Dave thinks nothing of walking 24 miles in a day. He likes to take photographs as the rays of the sun break through the clouds to light up the landscape and give the occasional rainbow. Later in the year Dave met up with some others in the group as they visited areas of Cumbria.
SW Falling Foss Waterfall
Next Sue Wadman showed some of the photographs taken as she visited areas of North Yorkshire on a walking holiday with her husband in September. Based in Whitby Sue enjoyed photographing the spectacular coastal scenery. The weather was not always kind and the sunrises and sunsets she wanted did not often materialise. Sue managed to get some interesting images including some taken of the ruins of Whitby Abbey and its scenic surroundings.
The wild unspoilt and deserted coastline around Robin Hood bay was another area that inspired and on another occasion Sue visited the spectacular Falling Foss waterfall left.
BC Rolling Mist on the Ridgeway
Local areas inspired Bridget Codrington and recently she went out to photograph nearby hills with a dusting of snow and swirling clouds. An image right shows the rolling mist over the Ridgway. Another very successful image showed Lacock Abbey across the icy river with frost on the nearby trees. Starting out early in the morning Bridget managed to catch a spectacular sunrise at Avebury.
North Dorset was another destination Bridget visited with the picturesque mill at Sturminster Newton on the River Stour and Gold Hill, Shaftsbury good subjects.
During the summer Bridget met up with some other club members and they managed to get photographs of an amazing sunrise over a field of poppies at Bratton.

After the break Robert Harvey who often organises group trips showed us a sequence of images of Porlock Marsh on the North RH Bossington Beach SomersetSomerset Coast.
Robert showed how quickly one of the highest tides of the year floods the area and how he almost got marooned on a tiny hillock. In the same area Robert photographed a sequence of images as the tide came in around the groins on Bossington Beach.
In October Robert made a return visit to the Lake district collecting images for his forthcoming book on the technique of landscape photography.
Robert showed his excellent images of well known viewpoints of Coniston Water, Lloughrigg Tarn, Buttermere and many other scenic places in the area.
Another interesting destination was Hardknott Hill Fort and Wasdale head with its ancient field system.
SH stack
Steve Hardman and his wife Helen spent some time during the summer travelling around the northern isles of Orkney and Shetland.
It is an area that both have visited many times before and Steve shared a photo of his first visit when he stayed on the very remote Island of Foula. Then it was very basic and he slept in a tent but this time they enjoyed the facilities of a converted bothy with fantastic views over the coastline and even had the luxury of wi-fi!!
Steve has taken some amazing images while in the Orkneys of Rathwick Bay and the rock stack known as the ‘Old man of Hoy’ right was one of his many interesting images of this photogenic area.

DE gateDave Eagle spent a lot of his time walking around the fields and hedgerows around his home. He decided to travel light, abandon his DSLR and just take his Fuji x100 camera with him and practice the technicalities of using such limited equipment.
The large-sensor, fixed-lens compact gave excellent results which Dave later converted to monochrome to good effect.
The area is mainly flat fields divided by broken fences and some interesting old trees. Dave was intrigued by the variety of weather-worn fence posts encountered on his walks.
The different angles and the often attached pieces of barbed wire made interesting photographs and he spent time working out how best to compose the images.
Dave was looking for footpaths and field edges that made good leading lines for his images. Detail of a gate shown left.

FC Evening Light Loughrigg TarnLast but not least Frank Collins gave an account of his visit to the Lake District in October with its fast changing dramatic skies and autumn colours.
During his visit he often met up with Robert as they visited the many beauty spots around the lakes. Frank showed images of the well known view of the Ullswater boathouse and the Loughrigg cottage.
Other scenic sites encountered on the trip were the picturesque Ashness and Slaters bridges and the forceful flow of water at Aira Force falls.
Views of the Pikes and their reflections made some delightful images. Frank's view of Lloughrigg Tarn is shown right.

Steve thanked all those who had presented their images and he hoped that group trips can be arranged when travel is allowed again later in the year. PM