Open Projected Image Competition No 2 10 November 2020   

MB ShakingThe second Open Projected Image competition of the season was judged using Zoomby Robert Phelps from Bristol.
Robert has not judged Devizes CC images before but said that he was impressed by the high standard of competition entries particularly in the Beginners Section. He said that it is sometimes difficult for judges when they have to compare images with technical excellence against those with perhaps, some technical flaws but with much greater emotive interest. Robert commented that many of the otherwise well taken landscapes needed a point of interest somewhere in the image to give a focal point.
Starting with the 36 Beginners entries Robert commented on the good points and then where needed gave his ideas on where the image could have been improved. Often it was too much uninteresting foreground which could have been cropped or the background could have been more muted.
It was ‘Shaking it off’ right - an unusual image by Megan Boardman which particularly impressed the judge who awarded it first place. Robert said that the flow of water droplets as the duck shook its head was very well captured.
In second place was a delightful still life by Bridget Codrington entitled ‘Afternoon Tea’ – the judge said that the arrangement of objects, the lighting and focus all worked very well. Robert commented on the third placed image ‘White-tailed Eagle by Hilary Tapley saying that it was a dramatic capture with the subject well placed in the frame. The judge awarded Highly Commended to nine of the Beginners images.

SH gannetNext images in the Intermediate Section were shown with an impressive image ‘Gannet’ left by Steve Hardman gaining first place. The judge said that it was a dramatic, detailed close up of the flying bird with the wings on the diagonal adding interest.
Second place went to a subtle coloured, minimalistic landscape by new member Pete Souster. Swanage old pier is a very popular subject TT Harvestmanfor photographic competitions and Pete’s version titled ‘Stillness’ was awarded 3rd place. Martin Stokes was awarded an HC for his impressive panoramic landscape'Celestial Heavens'

After a refreshment break Robert continued with his comments.
The Advanced Section had a range of subjects including many stunning landscapes and impressive nature images. An extreme macro shot of an arachnid titled ‘Harvestman’ right impressed the judge and he awarded it first place. The image by Tim Tapley showed in great detail the body of this tiny creature.
A small white dog featured in the second placed image by Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP. Titled ‘Bewildered’ the dog was photographed in front of an interesting gothic- looking doorway. Third place went to a creative image ‘Delicate Beauty’ by Pam Mullings portraying white Camellia’s. Seven other images were awarded Highly Commended.

Summing up club chairman Steve Hardman thanked members for sending in such a stunning array of images for the competition.
Thanks to Robert for giving his helpful comments and opinions on the images and thanks to the Competition Secretaries for running the competition.
Congratulations to all. PM
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