Summer Social Event 29 August 2020   

GC Summer SocialFollowing days of inclement weather, on the 29th August a good day was forecast which allowed 12 of us to meet at St Mary’s Church at Calstone for the Annual Summer Social. Having only seen each other over zoom since lockdown it was particularly lovely to meet everyone in person again. After a brief catch up in the car park where we were able to obtain a copy of his new book (Photographing Wiltshire), Robert Harvey our organizer for the day, led the group to Calstone Combes.

GC Grasshopper Here Robert gave us a brief history on the formation of the Combes and we set forth up the slopes towards the end of Calstone Down to try and find one of Britain’s rarest insects the Wart-Biter Cricket.

The Wart-Biter appears to be very allusive but other grasshoppers, spiders and a variety of blue butterflies were much in evidence. We even spotted a green lizard but it was too quick to identify and too shy to have it’s photograph taken.

With a morning’s photography under our belts we sat and had our picnic catching up on where people had been out photographing and what they had been doing since lockdown.
GC Adonis Blue
After lunch a few left due to other commitments but the majority stayed and started climbing a more sheltered hill looking for blue butterflies. With the weather now a bit cloudier, bringing with it more wind, a game of hide and seek commenced and I think that the butterflies won.

Back at St Mary’s Church we had a quick look around the inside of the church, which is very pretty with its barreled ceiling.

Final goodbyes were said with everyone looking forward to seeing each other for our greatly anticipated zoom meeting with Guy Edwards on Tuesday. PC

Images by Gerald Clarke - Top Calstone Combes  Right- Grasshopper  Left- Adonis Blue Butterfly