Nature and Macro - 'Show and Tell' 25 August 2020   

HC woodsThis was the 7th and final Zoom session of the club’s summer season.
Many thanks to Frank Collins for organising such interesting topics and next week we start our full programme for the 2020-2021 season. Thanks also to David Eagle for hosting the Zoom meetings which helped members keep in contact with each other.
This evening was an opportunity for members to share and discuss some of their own recent Nature and Macro images and get feedback from other Club members.
Many members had used the lockdown as a chance to spend some time trying out new cameras, lenses and extension tubes and it was also a time when many members tried out some new ideas. The difficult task of capturing insects in flight was the aim of some of the members and they showed some amazing close-up images.
60 images were shown from 13 club members with a diverse range of insect, bird, mammal and flower photographs.
Helena Chambers summed up how many of us had been feeling when she showed an image of woodland flowers - right. 

"This is my favorite image from the Lockdown months, not because it is photographically brilliant, but for it's therapeutic value at the time of taking it. One month into Lockdown, and I heard we could drive a short distance to go for a local walk, so I went to a local wood to catch the end of the bluebell season. I re-live the overwhelming sense of freedom tranquility and peace I experienced when I look at this photo, after 4 weeks of solitary living, and walking the streets for exercise. Everything was wrong about it! I had the macro lens on, 45mm, on F5.6, so depth of field was too narrow, the composition was tricky as there was so much going on, and hard to pinpoint a subject, and the light was poor as it was overcast and dull. I spent 2 glorious hours there before returning to my confinement, but happy in the knowledge I could return here every day if I so wished. "

GC budFlowers were an interest for Gina Gordon and she showed some really well beautiful images including an Agapanthus just as it emerged from its bud -left

Marlis Rawlings had spent some of her time experimenting with encasing flowers in iceand photographing them as they gradually thawed - right

MR ice flowersTim Tapley showed some really detailed close-ups of insects and a Zebra Spider was particularly striking. Also into close-ups was Gill Cardy who had spent many hours patiently watching the insects that came to her pond.

Birds were an interest for David Fraser with images of woodpeckers, pheasants and a sparrowhawk that posed nicely for him.

Wildlife of all sorts had caught David Wilkinson’s eye with a delightful image of a deer and young and lots of insects that came to his newly dug pond as well as some interesting birds.

Robert Harvey showed some excellent unusual images including a Marbled White butterfly against a full moon and a view up through his meadow flowers using a fish-eye lens. Richard Jones had been experimenting with new lenses and Megan Boardman said had been taking images of insects for the first time.

David Eagle showed us an excellent image of a hare and also a deer as it looked up in a golden field of rape. Brian Appleby had several wildlife images to show and I also spent a lot of time in the garden discovering lots of insects I had not really noticed before.

Thanks to all who showed their photos and made a really successful evening to end the summer season of meetings. PM