The Southampton International Exhibition 2020 11 August 2020   

RH verreauxThe club was given the special opportunity to see the accepted and awarded images from the 107th Southampton International Exhibition of Photography which is organised by Southampton Camera Club. Entries were open to any photographer, amateur or professional, who lives anywhere in the world. The competition was judged in earlier in the year and usually there are a number of roadshows organised to show the awarded images, the exhibition and the award ceremony but due to the pandemic these had to be cancelled. Luckily they were able to hold the judging in February and get the catalogue printed before the lockdown.
Sue Dunham CPAGB APAGB, chairman and organiser of the digital roadshows has been involved with the event for the last 17 years. Using Zoom, Sue was able to give members an interesting insight into all the work involved sorting over 5,000 entries digital and print entries from 45 different countries!
Entries are divided into 6 Categories – Open print and PDI, Nature print and PDI, Mono print and Landscape PDI.
Sue recalled the difficulties sorting out entry forms wrongly completed, translation problems and even entries from photographers on the banned list - these are photographers who have been caught cheating by not following the rules or even entering other photographer’s images as their own!

RH valeClive Rathband FRPS FPSSAEFIAP DPAGB and Joan Ryder Rathband FRPS FPSSA AFIAP DPAGB, both members of Devizes CC were invited to be judges for the Nature Print and PDI’s and also the Landscape PDI’s. Clive and Joan were able to give their comments on the judging and remarked how well Southampton CC organised the Salon. Clive said it was interesting seeing the images from so many different countries. A new innovation is the use of drones which can give very different landscape views not seen before.
Sue explained how the salon type judging works with each of the 3 judges having just a few seconds to decide whether to award 2,3,4 or 5 points. No titles or authors are shown so the images need to have impact or have something special about them for the higher points to be given. The 3 judges scores are then added so that those over 11 points gained an acceptance. The top scores are then looked at again, this time with more time to decide on the awards and winners in each category. A range of awards are given - medals, ribbons and certificates of merit as well as awards for special subjects within each category. Camera technology has moved on making it easier to take good photographs but the standard of entries has soared making it a great achievement to gain an award.
As with all judging it is subjective and judges all have their preferences.
Devizes club member, Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP entered the competition and gained 5 acceptances so very well done to him.
Frank Collins thanked Sue for sharing the images and for giving a little insight into what goes on behind the scenes and all the work it entails. Members were reminded that they could send in their Salon acceptances and awards and compete for the club Ryder Rathband Trophy. PM
Images © Robert Harvey - 'Sunrise, Vale of Pewsey' and 'Verreaux's Sifaka'