The Art of Travel Photography by Chris Upton 28 July 2020   

CU santoriniThrough the use of technology, travel photographer Chris Upton was able to give his presentation from his home in Nottinghamshire. The lockdown has resulted in the use of Zoom for virtual meetings so that we can enjoy presentations from those speakers normally too far away to visit us for a normal club evening.
Although travel is very much restricted for the time being, a good number of members and guests very much enjoyed hearing Chris’s information and tips on how to prepare for a photographic trip – whether that is a family holiday or a specific photographic trip.
Starting with the planning, Chris said do as much research as you can before you go, plan the locations and the images you would like to take to make the best use of your time away.
Organise and pack your kit carefully and check that you have everything you need. Chris emphasised that you should get to know your camera really well before you go so that you instantly know what settings are best in a variety of situations.
CU schoolLandscapes can show the iconic views and give a flavour of the country you are visiting but also consider photographing the local people. Close-up portraits of interesting characters make good images but showing some of the background gives context. Learning a few words in the local language can help engage with people.
Chris showed us a large selection of his images excellent taken at trips around the world, amazing landscapes, iconic buildings, chaotic street scenes and interesting portraits. He explained what had appealed to him about the images - how he set up his equipment and some of the settings he used. He gave lots of very useful tips about how to take the best photographs during your trip.
Chris said that travel photography is all about what we see – not what we have come to see.
Follow your plans but also be flexible the weather is sometimes against you and the sunset you planned did not happen. If it rains look out for interesting reflections. Seek out unusual details, look up or try different angles. Keep it simple and avoid background distractions.
Arrive early at your destination so that you can pick the best spot. Check before you press the shutter that the framing is correct and gives the subject some breathing space and check that the subject is exactly symmetrical if appropriate.
Try to capture the atmosphere of the area. Look out for festivals or local customs for some interesting subjects. Use a tripod when possible but nowadays the image stabilisation allows you to take excellent images hand held.
Hopefully when travel restrictions are lifted everyone can put Chris’s useful tips into practice!
Chris was thanked for a fascinating evening which showed the considerable planning involved in a successful photographic trip. PM
Images © Chris Upton  Chris Upton's website