Annual General Meeting 19 May 2020   

The club AGM was rather different this year as members could not actually meet face to face as usual but had to meet up in a rather different 'virtual' world.
Club Chairman Steve Hardman said that it had been quite a year in many ways being busier than ever with a myriad of changes and problems, none of which could have been foreseen in September.
The club took the decision not to hold club evenings at the Sports Club from March 17, before the Covid 19 lockdown was eventually forced upon the club. At this stage it was becoming clear that it would be some time before we could meet in person again, so the committee looked at a way that we could continue the programme with ‘virtual’ meetings. The committee thought it was a good idea so, after some trials, the club has been using Zoom for competitions and speaker presentations and it has proved very popular. Using the new technical knowhow the club hopes to be able to provide “hybrid” meetings in future whereby those members who cannot attend in person can still see the evening’s
proceedings. How things will pan out during the next year is not certain, but the club is in a good position to move forward.

There were just two resolutions for members to vote on, the first proposed greater clarity of General Competition Rule 1.2 over what is and is not permissible when including other people’s ‘art’ within an image entered for competition. The resolution was unanimously approved and images submitted for competition must be entirely the work of the photographer and in composite images royalty free image banks and clipart, are not permitted. See the competition rules.

The second resolution of the evening was to clarify the charge made for Zoom meetings. Up until now members could voluntarily contribute the £2-50 charge usually paid for meetings. To maintain the quality of our programme, it is important that all attendees pay the on-the-night charge. The fees are an important revenue stream for the club, which over the year pays for our visiting speakers and judges. The vast majority of members voted to pay the charge but there was a great deal of discussion about how and when the fees could be collected whether they attend in person or via an internet meeting service such as Zoom. The club treasurer and committee will decide the best way forward.

The election of officers followed with only a couple of changes from the previous committee. Lynda Croft will take over as club treasurer and Gerald Clarke will take on the joint role of Competition secretary together with David Eagle and David Wilkinson. The full list can be seen in About Us.

Steve announced that virtual meetings will be held fortnightly during the summer.
Programme Secretary Frank Collins has  managed to very quickly find interesting topics and presenters to lead the meetings so members are very much looking forward to those. See the Programme for details.
The club committee decided to ask members to submit ideas for a new club logo and 2 designs were put forward for a vote. The chosen design is by Pam Mullings and is a take on the glass elements in a lens and can be used on club information whenever required.

David Eagle was thanked for all his work setting up the Zoom meetings and also congratulated on his move from Beginners to the Intermediate section. Also congratulated were Sue Wadman and David Wilkinson who move up to the Advanced section.

Finally, the club was not able to present the members with their trophies in the usual way so we will very much look forward to holding that event at a future date. See the list of 2019-2020 trophy winners. PM