AV Competition & Outdoor Photography under Lockdown 14 April   

Again the club was able to have a ‘virtual meeting’ to show the sequences entered in the club Audio-Visual competition. Postponed from earlier members were able to view and hear the comments of the judge Tony Byram ARPS DPAGB APAGB. RH desertThere were just 4 entries and the judge said they all came under the category of ‘Photo Harmony’ meaning that they had no storyline but the still images linked to sound must flow in a pleasing progression.
The first sequence was ‘Barcelona’ by Chris Wilkes Ciudad ARPS and as the titled suggests it showed the distinctive architecture of the city. The judge thought the individual images were good but there were some distracting fades and split screens.
Next came ‘Namib’ by Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP which showed classic views of the dunes together with the wildlife found in the desert.
RH sidewinderOf particular note was the clever sequence where the sidewinder adder emerged from the sand left
The judge was very impressed with the quality of the images and the whole AV was expertly put together.
Another AV from Chris was next – this time showing images taken in the Lake District.
The judge said that the mono images fading to colour worked well.
Finally, we viewed a sequence by David Wilkinson titled ‘Wildlife through the Seasons.’
Starting with sound of birdsong it showed excellent still images but the judge said it was let down by the construction but very well done to David as it was probably the first time he had attempted to make an AV.

The award of the AV trophy went to Robert for ‘Namib’ so many congratulations on the superb AV sequence.

After a short break members were treated to a constructive presentation by Robert about what photographers can do under the current rules due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
‘Let’s celebrate what we can still do’ said Robert. We can still take photographs from our homes and gardens and on our permitted exercise walk.
Robert said there might be a restricted range of subjects for us to photograph at the moment but we have more time to study them and take the opportunity to persevere and try again and again to get better images. There is an incentive to try something new such as macro or astrophotography.
Maybe on your walk take time to explore the area close to your home – look for country lanes and nearby woods. Find joy in small things!

RH bee flyRH woodsStarting with garden photography Robert showed his impressive garden where over the years has been planted with native trees and hedges to attract the wildlife. With two wildlife ponds and a hide made from a garden shed Robert can photograph wildlife at eye level due to the ingenious raised bank and reflective pool. With wildflowers and garden plants attracting a wide range of insects and bird feeders bringing the birds in close there is always something to photograph.
There are so many interesting subjects to be found in any garden even all you have is just an average size suburban garden!
Robert has started a facebook group ‘Outdoor Photography under Lockdown’ and there are many contributors from all over the country showing the diverse range of subjects on members doorsteps.

Steve Hardman thanked Robert for putting his interesting presentation together at short notice and for showing the various ways he has planned ahead to make the most of his garden and its wildlife.

Thanks to all who made it such an enjoyable evening and it’s so good to see fellow members even if it has to be remotely!
Keep safe and enjoy your photography. PM
Images © Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP