Open Print Competition 2 - results

At this unprecedented time the competition print entries were with the judge but unfortunately our meetings are cancelled. Very kindly the judge Beryl Heaton ARPS, EFIAP, CPAGB agreed to judge the competition and send us notes on each image and give us the awards.
Beryl sent the following message - 'Thank you for inviting me to judge your competition. I have judged at your club once before and I hope to have the opportunity to do so again. I have enjoyed looking at the images. I was particularly impressed by the fact that you have three sections. A lot of clubs strive to do this but are thwarted by lack of numbers. Furthermore, I was impressed by the high standard of work in the Beginners.'
BC Solstice
Sadly, there were fewer than usual entries in this print competition – maybe because it is getting near the end of the season or that members are not printing their images as much as they did in the past. This is a great pity as it is a great joy to see a well printed and mounted image.
Anyway the following write up has to be taken from the judges notes. So that members can see all the images entered and the full judges notes they will be added below.

In the Beginners section first place went to ‘Dawn Breaking, Winter Solstice’ right by Bridget Codrington. The judge enjoyed the dramatic with very clear silhouettes of all the dramatic with very clear silhouettes of all the observers and the symmetry. She said it was a ‘wow’ sort of sky with colours ranging from pale yellow to navy blue.
In second place was ‘Bird Box No 7’ by Dave Eagle with the judge commenting ‘What an inventive title!’ Beryl said she enjoyed the atmosphere of the woodland, the mistiness and the image was nice and sharp.
The viewpoint and interesting angles of ’Stairwell’ by Helena Chambers appealed to the judge and was placed third. It works well in monochrome and the square format suits the image.A colourful image ‘Southern Carmine Bee Eater’ by Tony Leach was awarded an HC.

CP SteepleIn the Intermediate section ‘Steeple in the Mist’ left by Craig Purvis was awarded first place. The judge said that the mist gives the lower part an air of mystery and at the top we have reality with a lovely coloured sky and trees silhouetted on the hill. The composition works well as we have interest from top to bottom and across the width of the image.
‘Morning Calm Coniston’ by Steve Hardman was awarded 2nd place in this section. The jetty leads us into the image across the lake and the frost on the jetty and on the top of the posts enhances the scene. Due to the calm water we have a lovely clear reflection and the sky is adding interest. 
A charming image of the fox which looks very alert with its ears up is titled ‘Fox on the Alert’ and is by David Wilkinson. The judge awarded it 3rd place saying that the pose works well as the fox stands out against the diffused background of a sympathetic colour.
PM cameliasHighly commended’s were awarded to Craig Purvis and Martin Stokes.

In the Advanced section there were just 11 entries.

First place went to ‘Camelias’ by Pam Mullings. The judge liked the composition with flowers on the diagonal. She wrote - they are lovely and sharp and the grainy background adds to the effect as does the unusual way the photographer has framed the image. She said that she always has a border around hers but this is something a bit different and it really works
‘Desert in Bloom Wadi Rum’ - captured this scene well at the right time of day to give interesting shadows. Beryl commented that it is amazing that the flowers can survive in this barren landscape and in such large numbers.Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP was awarded 2nd and 3rd places – ‘First Light in Deadviei’ – was rather different, concentrating on one tree which the judge liked. It was quite minimalistic with some lovely lighting on the branches and nothing in the background to distract.
‘Dancing’ by Chris Wilkes Ciudad was awarded an HC the judge stated that the photographer is attempting to give us a feeling of movement and thought the colours were delightful.

Very well done everyone and a special thank you to the judge for sending us the useful notes as we were unable to have the usual meeting. Thanks to the Competition Secretaries who sorted the entries and arranged for the club to get the results.

All the very best to everyone – keep safe. PM
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