'iPhone Photography' 10 March 2020   
BH viewOn Tuesday this week Bob Holman travelled over from Marlborough Photography to present a talk on iPhone Photography. A committed Apple user, Bob said he rarely goes out on photo shoots, preferring to take photos as they arise and sticks to the principle that “the best camera is the one that’s with you!” Saying that he aimed to change our perception of iPhone photography, Bob started by showing a series of well composed images taken using the Apple camera on his phone.

Bob gave us a few tips on using the camera, such as how to access the camera quickly, that the volume button will act as a shutter button, and that keeping your finger pressed on the button will take images in burst mode for as long as you hold it there. BH portraitHe also pointed out that bluetooth gadgets such as a key ring or the volume button on ear buds, will also act as a shutter button for more discrete shooting. He emphasised the importance of touching the subject on your screen to ensure that it is in focus, and that a long hold will lock the focus and exposure for you.

Bob ran through the app’s icons on the screen, giving a detailed account of the various facilities available, but not necessarily well known. For example, when taking images in Portrait mode, the camera will detect faces, allow you to change the lighting and the aperture for the shot. Furthermore, all these settings can be changed after the shot using Edit! He also demonstrated how to use Panorama mode both horizontally and vertically.

After the break, Bob showed us some of his images of animals, relating how he had taped his camera to a window and used his bluetooth key ring as a remote shutter release to take a load of images of a blue tit which kept landing in his hedge!
BH deerAnother technique he uses is to walk towards the subject with his finger on the shutter, thus using burst mode, until the animal moves away.

Finally, Bob introduced us to the Lightroom mobile app through which images can be shot in RAW. Again, he ran through the various options and icons to show us what can be achieved. He concentrated on Professional mode to show just how much control one can have over the images taken with his phone.

It was a fascinating talk during which many of the audience had their phones out trying everything he demonstrated.
Our Chairman thanked Bob for an enlightening evening, adding that he felt he was now going to have to buy a new phone to access all the facilities!  DF
Images © Bob Holman