Members' Speed Critique 11-February 2020   
speed critiqueThis weeks club meeting saw the annual Speed Critique evening where 8 fairly new members to the club were 'invited' to present 10 or 12 images to small groups of other club members who would provide a useful critique. As a true novice and beginner this was really quite a daunting prospect but the invitation was made so politely it was almost impossible to decline! Besides, I thought he said Speed Dating which would have been a very different evening altogether! 
Having searched through many photographs and said 'right that is the final list' about 10 times, I finally decided on a dozen, representing a range of topics including landscapes and wildlife and took my place at one of the 4 tables set up for the evening.  In the first half, with 10 minutes allowed at each table, my fellow victims, sorry, participants were Bridget Codrington, Mark Somerville and KS 1Gerald Clarke.

Bridget presented a range of images including wildlife, landscapes, interesting skies and even an award winning photo showing the effect of deliberate camera movement. Mark's images included motorbikes and aircraft, mainly in monochrome and cleverly capturing movement. Gerald presented some wonderful shots of African Wildlife which were very interesting indeed.

The second half saw Dave Dowding present a range of photos from a steam fair featuring engines and various characters at the event and Megan Boardman showing her lovely photos of wildlife and others from a day in London watching the trooping of the colour.
KS 2Jennifer Skjoldbro again gave us a varied range of subjects including monochrome shots of buildings, wildlife and my personal favourite, a rabbit, mid leap, with a leaf in its mouth!.

Finally, Peter Tasker showed us a selection of shots of mist over a valley and cunningly decided to use the time to ask Dave Gray how he might improve them in Lightroom. Dave very helpfully obliged and Peter was proud of his success at the art of delegation!. I thought, darn, why didn't I think of that!

Having survived the ordeal my fellow participants agreed that over all it had been a very useful process, from which we can all learn something. It was interesting  to see such a range of subjects presented and we were relieved that the critics had been gentle and constructive, for which we were all very grateful - thank you!  Kate Stephens
Images: Kate, Peter and Jennifer discussing their images with members