'Audiovisual Spectacular' 14 January 2020   
This evening’s presentation showcased the winning entries from the Western Counties Photographic Federation AV competition that was held on the 6th April 2019.
The WCPF competition was judged by Colin Harrison (FRPS: FIPF: FBPE: MFIAP: MPAGB: EFIAP/d1: MPSA: AWPF: APAGB) and hosted 37 entries from 13 different WCPF clubs from across the south west (Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Gloucester, Wiltshire).
The competition comprised of four sections :-
• The President’s Salver for the Best ‘Long’ Sequence (over four minutes)
• The Coote Challenge Cup for the Best ‘Short’ Sequence (less than four minutes)
• The Photo Harmony Trophy for the best ’Photo Harmony’ sequence.
• The Innovation Award for the most innovative entry

Our evening featured the Commended, Highly Commended, 3rd, 2nd and 1st place AVs for each section of the WCPF competition, with the President’s Salver section viewed first.
The opening AV ‘Why I gave up Slide Shows’, was a spoof of a Slide Show presentation where all the things that can go wrong with slides, did go wrong. This varied from slides with dust-spots, through slide jams, and popping slides. Judging from the laughter from the audience this brought back memories for some.
The longer AVs tended to have more of a story to them, and possibly as a consequence more voice-over narration, certainly the 1st placed ‘Fortescue Cup’ was of that ilk, with fewer pictures, but a very entertaining story.
After a break for teas and coffees we watched the remaining AVs. Possibly being shorter, these tended to be a little more dynamic, although still with a strong story element.
From the Coote Challenge Cup, the 1st placed ‘Shoes on the Danube’ although fairly simple from a photographic point of view, had a very poignant story line, and a well-deserved first place.
The next section ‘Photo Harmony’ concentrated less on the story element, and more on the blending of images in sequence, the Commended ‘Landscape Odyssey’ featured some very strong landscape images, that flowed very well through the sequence.
The winning entry in the ‘Photo Harmony’ section, ‘Yellowstone Winter’ blended so well, it was difficult to tell where the blends started and finished, and which was the actual image, very well done.
Finally, the ‘Innovation Award’ featured a very short AV, with some fairly odd images, prompting the comment from the judge “What the hell is going on here? “, it was a great AV to finish on, and certainly provided food for thought.
The Club’s AV competition is on the 25th February, with a cut-off date of the 11th February, so it will be interesting to see what the WCPF Audio-visuals have inspired.
If you feel sufficiently inspired to enter the WCPF AV competition for this year, it is to be held on Saturday 4th April 2020, 10:00 am, at Woodbury Village Hall, Flower Street, Woodbury, Devon Entry details  The Judges will be:- Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP and Joan Ryder Rathband FRPS FPSSA AFIAP. DE