'Beyond the Summit' 7 January 2020   
CP treesWhile welcoming members back after the Christmas break Steve Hardman was interrupted by the untimely ringing of the fire alarm which delayed the start of the presentation, however finally when it was silenced the guest speaker could be introduced.
CP budeChris Palmer FRPS EFIAP DPAGB APAGB has been interested in photography since the age of 7 and over the years has gained many prestigious awards culminating in the highly esteemed Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. After reaching what is considered to be one of the highest accolades in photography and with a busy life lecturing and judging, Chris felt he must also continue to enjoy his own very high standard of photography.
Always trying to set his own style and not copy other photographers, his images are deceptively simple. Each image is carefully considered and a lot time is taken looking around the location and finding the best viewpoint before carefully setting up the camera and pressing the shutter at just the right moment.
Chris presented a large selection of his excellent prints on a wide range of subjects descibing why he had taken the photograph. Trees were among the subjects he gets drawn back to and has photographed them many times both in UK and abroad with the images often converted to monochrome – very simple but effective.
Stormy skies and tranquil beech scenes, misty landscapes, close-ups of eroded rocks and pebbles showing subtle colours and interesting shapes are among his favourites.
CP rockThe sea breaking over a sea bathing pool at Bude was photographed from many different angles. Small details that others would miss catch his eye in urban settings as well as in the countryside and make very effective images.
CP paintChris showed a delightful series of superb prints showing children in Istanbul and just for fun he let us see some of his more ‘whacky’ prints!
Very close up images of peeling paint from the hulls of boats which can look like interesting landscapes – an example left looks like an aerial view flock of sheep on a beach.

In landscape photography the lighting is very important to show the form of the terrain and to make the image look 3 dimensional when printed. He says what is left out is as important as what is left in an image. Nature has many shapes, forms and textures that make interesting photographs if you look hard enough – even marks in the sand or a few blades of grass can make an award winning image.
Before printing Chris takes great care to bring out the tones in his images and says that the paper used is important as it can change the appearance of the print. Colours are sometimes de-saturated to give overall harmony to the image.
He enjoys the whole process of photography - the search to find the image that satisfies his creativity then enhancing the image to its best and finally the printing.
Chairman Steve Hardman thanked Chris for his excellent presentation and summed up the evening as both fasinating and inspiring. PM
Images © Chris Palmer     More images can be seen on his website