2019 Christmas Knock-out & Party 17 December 2019  
CW woodsTime once again for the club’s Christmas Knock Out – surely it’s not a year since the last one!
Suitably attired and with a ho ho ho Santa arrived to preside over the annual event and make sure all was fair and square – no cheating or bribing allowed.
There was a very good entry – so large this year that the numbers had to be reduced or we might have still been exercising our arms ‘til the next day. Instead of 6 entries from each member the number needed to be reduced to a more manageable 4, making 120 images altogether.
GC MacaqueThe process of elimination was explained to the new members present and Dave Gray was set up ready to project the images in random pairs. Those present had to choose which of the 2 images shown that they preferred – the left or right or occasionally just to confuse - the top or the bottom. Santa had the job of counting the raised hands or if there was a tie, he had the final say and no one could argue with Santa!
The first 60 pairs were shown with in some cases difficult decisions to be made if they liked both images equally. Subjects were varied but being Christmas there were several robins and snow scenes, also Silbury Hill and Caen Hill Locks were popular local subjects. Sometimes the pairings caused a laugh with similar or converse subjects against each other, but finally 30 images were sadly rejected and 30 went on to the next round.
After some clever shuffling using the computer software the random pairings were projected but this time you could have 2 images by the same photographer against each other (but then at least you knew one would get through the round! )

Then we were down to 15 and with a little bit of juggling down to 8 for the next round.
Then final four images that had avoided the knock-out were declared.
The winner was the delightful ‘Beech woods’ by Caroline Wright. In second place was ‘Japanese Macaque Bathing’ by Gill Cardy which had caused a laugh with its laid- back expression as it got through each round.
TT Water BoatmanThird was ‘Silbury Hill’ by Robert Harvey and in fourth place an insect whose odd pose caused some amusement - ‘Water Boatman’ by Tim Tapley.
RH SilburyThe four winners each received a gift from Santa.
Thanks to all who entered.

Club Chairman, Steve Hardman thanked Santa - alias Frank Collins for organising the entries and Dave Gray for operating the computer.
The 3 Competition Secretaries were thanked for their work organising all this season's competitions.
Thanks went to Caroline Wright for organising the spread of Christmas goodies that members were about to enjoy and thanks also to the members who contributed some extras.
Thanks were also given to Mike Saunders for setting out the hall every week and Bridget Codrington for organising the weekly refreshments.
Finally, Steve wished everyone a Happy Christmas and all the best for the next decade, the bar was opened and the feasting began. PM
See you all again in 2020!