Monochrome Print & Projected Image Competitions 10 December 2019   

DE pointThe judge for the Annual Monochrome Competitions was Ginny Campbell ARPS who was welcomed by the club chairman Steve Hardman. PM EryngiumThere was a very large entry so the meeting started earlier than usual and Ginny said she would not have time to say all that she would like to about each image. The standard was generally very high with a wide range of subjects.
Ginny made an excellent job of judging all the entries and commented on the good points in each image and in some cases where she felt they might have been improved. She said that she looked for a wide tonal range and good contrast between the dark and light areas. In monochrome images the eye goes to the light areas in an image so make sure that your subject stands out. In many cases felt that the image could have been cropped as often ‘less is more’. Images were mostly well processed but commented that a few were over sharpened which gives a halo effect. Ginny looks out for interesting images that tell a story.
Starting with the 34 mounted prints entered, the judge gave very concise and constructive comments on each one picking out 5 HC’s and holding back 6 images before giving the final awards.

First place went to a very interesting image by David Eagle titled ‘Getting to the Point’ left
The judge was intrigued by the subject as it unusually portrayed a lady blacksmith working at her anvil and stated that it had a good composition and was a moment in time well captured.
CW LochA very different subject was in second place with a botanical study ‘Eryngium’ right by Pam Mullings with the judge commenting on the good range of tones.
Next to catch the judges eye was an Isle of Skye landscape by Chris Wilkes- Ciudad titled ‘Loch Cill Chriosd’left  Chris also had 2 more of his prints awarded Highly Commended.
DE Ripple TideHC’s in the print section were also awarded to Pam Mullings, Robert Harvey, Craig Purvis, Steve Hardman, David Lock and David Wilkinson.

Next the judge started commenting on the 81 projected images with a very wide range of subjects – some interesting portraits, architecture, street scenes and many landscapes. Ginny commented that some birds and mammals lent themselves better to monochrome than others and zebras, pied wagtails, gulls and woodpeckers worked well.

DG happyAn image by David Eagle again caught the judges eye – this time a very different subject with a seascape titled ‘Ripple Tide’ right awarded first place. The composition, the patterns made in the sand and the people in the far distance made it an outstanding image.
In second place was a portrait by Dave Gray with the judge saying the monochrome conversion of ‘Happy, Happy, Happy' left suited the smiling subject.
Third place went to one of the nature images with ‘Common Gull at Sea’ right by Tim Tapley catching the bird very well as it flew over the stormy wave.
The judge awarded HC’s to 15 images on a wide variety of subjects, these will all be shown in the Galleries.
TT Gull
With an outstanding evening for David Eagle he was presented with the ‘William Fox Talbot Trophy’ for his print and the ‘Constance Mundy Trophy’ for his projected image.
Many congratulations to David for winning the double!

Thanks to all the members who entered and made it such an interesting evening and thanks to competition secretaries David Wilkinson and David Eagles for the organisation.
Very special thanks to Ginny for judging the entries so well and travelling all the way from Dartmouth to give her comments.
Steve Hardman thanked the judge very much, adding that he found her comments were honest, thorough and constructive.

See all the results           All the awarded images can be seen in the Galleries