Inter-Club Battle at Stratton CC 27 March 2019   
Living DangerouslyThe latest in the long running series of Annual Battles between Devizes CC and photographic clubs in the Swindon area took place on 27th March. This year the other participants were Swindon, Stratton and Royal Wootton Bassett and the event was hosted by Stratton Camera Club at their premises in north Swindon

N Kingfisher with catchEach Club was represented by 15 images, with no more than two being allowed from the same photographer. Images from 10 different members represented Devizes, with images coming from members in each of our three competition sections.

Judge for the evening was Sandy Watson, a new judge so far as Devizes are concerned, judging on the evening without having seen the images prior to the night. He gave commentary on each image before giving it a score out of 20, with his marks being in the range of 15-20. Ten of the 60 images were awarded the full 20, including 4 from the Devizes entry, and from the Judge’s comments it was clear that Kyra Wilson’s ‘Kingfisher with Catch’ was the ‘Judges Choice’ image of the evening – congratulations Kyra.

 As always, judging brings into play the judges preferences and personal opinions and, quite rightly, two different judges will not necessarily see the same image in the same way.

This evening therefore was one in which the “creative” images did not find the judge’s favour, and he also expressed a preference for images to be more tightly cropped to the main subject matter.
Nevertheless, in addition to 4 images scoring 20, a further 4 each received 19 points, and in a contest which in its early stages N Common Blueslooked very tight, FC girlthese contributed to Devizes final winning score of 273 points, 9 points clear of Royal Wootton Bassett in second place.

 Our thanks go to the Sandy Watson for his judging, and to Stratton Camera Club for organising the event and hosting it, including providing a very splendid buffet at half time. FC

Images gaining the maximum 20 points from Devizes CC  Top: Kingfisher with Catch by Kyra Wilson  
Top right: Living Dangerously by Craig Purvis
Left: Common Blues by Hilary Tapley   
Right: Is that me? by Frank Collins

Full Scores