‘Urban Exploration to Fine Art: a Photographic Journey’ 9 October 2018   

With a very different approach to photography Viveca Koh FRPS travelled from Surrey bringing club members an excellent presentation of thought provoking images. Self-taught Viveca is an artistic and creative photographer always looking new ways to create her images without getting stagnant or complacent.
VK EscapeTogether with a group of other photographers interested in urban exploration or UrbEx she gains access to long abandoned asylums, derelict houses and even mortuaries with all the detritus left behind over the years. Taking care not to fall through floors she investigates long dank corridors, mouldy rooms and crumbling staircases looking for interesting subjects. Deep shadows and shafts of light convey the feeling of despair that former inhabitants might have felt.
Viveca concentrates on small details and the history and personal belongings left behind by former inhabitants. Often an insight into a long forgotten era with clothing and personal belongings showing a past era with a special fascination for details that give an insight into life at the time..
Often now using a smart phone to capture interesting details Viveca showed a series of monochrome square format images taken as she explored a house that been left complete with its contents after the deaths of its owners.
Old abandoned industrial buildings with their insight into the work that once took place there provide a lot of inspiration. Reflections in wet floors, old documents, broken windows, dilapidated bathrooms all inspired her.
VK Lady of the BathAfter the break Viveca showed the set of rather poignant and slightly chilling images that she submitted to the RPS on the subject ‘Birth to Death in an Asylum’
She gained her LRPS in 2010 and then looked for different ways that she could express herself and present her work.
Staying with her interest in graffiti, street art and urban subjects she introduced textures such as peeling paint and rusty metal as overlays to enhance the images.
Giving a painterly feel to her photographs Viveca developed various techniques to make totally unique images. Using blend modes and scanned documents as new layers the image is built up. Colours are de-saturated to give the mood, a distressed border added and other elements introduced to convey the mood of the image.
VK Tread SoftlyTwo or more exposures can be blended together with subtle shading added often giving completely unexpected results.
Viveca displayed the 15 prints using a variety of techniques that she submitted for her ARPS and explained how members could go about gaining RPS distinctions
(see RPS website for details)
Developing her use of multiple layers and textures Viveca submitted 20 of her very surreal – often abstract images and was awarded the prestigious distinction of FRPS in Visual Arts in 2014
Viveca went on to show some of the 'selfies' that the UrbEx fraternity like to take showing the various buildings that they have photographed - also some cleverly put together multiple image photographs of herself and others.

Chairman Steve Hardman summed up the evening with ' Wow!! '
Poignant, sometimes chilling, inspirational images which opened his eyes to a lot of things.
Thanks Viveca for your very interesting and thought provoking evening enjoyed by all. PM
Images © Viveca Koh FRPS Top: Escape, Centre: Lady of the Bath, Bottom: Tread Softly