Print and Projected Image of the Year competitions   1 May 2018   
Cp villageThe final competition of the season included all the images that had gained a 1st 2nd or 3rd place in a club competition since September.
The judge Ralph Snook ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB was welcomed back to the club by Chairman Richard Watson. Ralph had the very onerous task of choosing which, in his opinion, were the best of the best! The prints and PI’s were from a diverse range of competitions – nature, landscape, creative, monochrome, portraits, open KW feathercompetitions where anything goes and even images taken on a phone.

Prints and PI's were divided up into sections – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced so there were 6 trophies to be awarded to the winners of each section.

Starting the evening with the Beginners Prints only 2 members entered their prints so Ralph jested that one of them was bound to be disappointed! After giving his comments on both prints Ralph gave first place to ‘Village Stream’ right by
Craig Purvis remarking on the clever capture of the stream of coloured light from the traffic as it wended its way through the village at dusk.
'Boaters Market' was a canal side scene by Richard Blackbourne and was placed second. 

Next came the Intermediate prints with a deceptively simple image by Kyra Wilson titled ‘Feather and Grass’ left being the judges favourite. Close behind were two landscapes taken on Skye ‘Quiraing’ and ‘Sunset over Sgurr nan Gilean’ by Steve Hardman which were placed 2nd and 3rd.

RH kingfisher2There were 14 prints in the Advanced section for Ralph to ponder over with Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP gaining first and second places. ‘Kingfisher Surfacing’ right was the winner with the judge commenting on the way the bird had been perfectly photographed as it emerged from its dive with a fish in its beak surrounded by water droplets. CP flaeless 
Robert’s stunning seascape ‘Wembury Point’ was in second place with a creative image titled ‘Cardoon Seed Heads’ by Pam Mullings in third place.

After a break Ralph continued with the Beginners Projected Images – this time rather more to choose from than the prints. A monochrome portrait by Craig Purvis was in first place – titled ‘Flawless 40’s’ left
Ralph commented that it perfectly captured the mood of the period.
A close up study of hoar frost on a teasel by Peter Eley titled ‘Winter Thistle’ was in second place and ‘Boogie Woogie Madeleine’ a coloured portrait by Martin Stokes placed third.

SW HollyIn the Intermediate section another portrait caught the judges eye - 'Holly' right by Sue Wadman gained first place. Ralph commented it was good to see a pretty girl posing for her photograph with her clothes on!
A nature image by David Wilkinson titled 'Stonechat with Insect' was in second place and in third place was another bird image but this time a creative image 'Pop up Little Owl by Kyra Wilson.

With 23 entries in the Advanced section Ralph said it had been very difficult for him to choose his three favourites as all were of a very high standard and many of them could have been worthy winners.
RH buttermere
Finally, it was down to the judges personal preferences and a landscape by Robert was declared the winner. ‘Buttermere at Dawn’ left was an atmospheric misty image capturing the early morning reflection in the water. Second place went to another Kingfisher image by Robert this time titled ‘Kingfisher with Catch’ Third in the Advanced section was ‘Raindrops’ a creative image by Pam Mullings.

Ralph congratulated those that he awarded 1st place and presented each of the worthy winners with a trophy.
Many thanks to Ralph for his helpful comments and for his careful deliberations choosing his favourites from each of the six competitons.
Thanks to Caroline who as Competition Secretary has had the time consuming task of sorting all the entries for the 25 competitions held during the season. Also thanks to all the members who entered the competitions making it a very interesting and competitive year.  PM

Full results                                                                 All of the winning images can be seen in the Galleries