Challenge 2018 - May
HC on the wingThe challenge set for the month of April was 'On the Wing'
Members found this quite a difficult challenge but nine club members managed to take photos during the month that would fit the title. We had many flying birds, aircraft and insects as well as some rather more unexpected ideas.
The image that gained the most 'likes' was by Heather Collins who very cleverly, and with a great deal of patience, managed to capture an image of a tiny hoverfly 'on the wing' (shown left)
The Challenge is for members to take photographs that fit the chosen subject each month and add them to the Album on Devizes Camera Club facebook. See all the 'On the Wing' images in the facebook Album.

The photographer whose image has the most likes chooses the next subject so Heather has chosen 'Leading Lines' as the challenge for the month of May. Judges frequently comment on 'lead- in lines' which draw the eye into the image - so go out and look for some new subjects and get some practice!
No points or prizes but just something that might inspire members to get out their cameras and look out for something a bit different to photograph. Have fun trying something that perhaps you have not tried before. 

Club members can take part in the Challenge by going to Devizes Camera Club facebook  (not a member?  then first join Facebook and then apply to join)