Results - Competition 1 - Open Projected Images

Beginners - 22 entries
The Gallops by Barbara Jones – 1st place
Through the Essess by Dave Johnson – 2nd place
Pick Geek Trio by Dave Johnson – 3rd place
Oliver's Castle by Adam Woodhouse – HC
Freesia by Gina Gordon – HC
Marbled White Butterfly by Gerald Clarke – HC
Meadow Brown at Sunrise by Gerald Clarke – HC

Intermediate - 23 entries
Shades of Red by Bridget Codrington – 1st place
Zebras by Penny Clarke – 2nd place
Contemplation by Wendy Weller - 3rd place
Lunch in the Square by Liz Bates – HC
West Wood by Bridget Codrington – HC
Female Kestrel Calling by Richard Blackbourne – HC
Personal Battle by Richard Blackbourne – HC

Advanced - 24 entries
Granny's Bonnets by Pam Mullings – 1st place
Winter Woodland by Martin Stokes – 2nd place
Misumena vatia by Tim Tapley – 3rd place
Shake it by Martin Stokes – HC
Missed by Robin Gregory – HC
Aproaching Storm by Sue Wadman - HC
Transfiguration, Savernake Forest by Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP – HC
Sedge Warbler by Tim Tapley – HC