Creative images & judges comments
PM blue
Bolt from the Blue by Pam Mullings - 1st place

I thought this was really well done. The scared look on the models face at a good angle. The lightning streams down so accurately on to her finger tips. Her hair is standing on end as one would expect. Lovely colours, everything sharp.

PM nest
Nesting Time by Pam Mullings - 2nd place

Another fun image. I enjoyed the model’s expression with her eyes looking up in the direction of the ‘hat’ and the pigeon. The hat has been expertly constructed to resemble a nest. I thought that was fantastic. A pleasing background with muted colours which add interest to the scene.

DE knock
Knock Knock by Dave Eagle - 3rd place

A nice idea and you have chosen good elements. The knocker is ornate and makes a good centrepiece. I like the way you have included all types of doors  from modern to old fashioned with different colours. Some have arched frames, some with pediments, others with projecting porches .Such a great variety. Then we have the woodpecker using the knocker, fantastic. Then to frame it all a wooden door frame and a stone step.

CEC avebury

Avebury in Wonderland by Chris Wilkes Ciudad
It looks as though the photographer has employed the transform tool or similar to achieve this effect. I think this image works as the composition is so good. We have a clear view of all the elements with nothing hidden behind anything else. The stone in the foreground makes a dramatic focal point. It is sharp and the lighting is working well to give us good texture. Everything works here and I enjoyed it but perhaps it isn’t as creative as others in the set.

RH lemur
Learning about the Neighbours by Robert Harvey

This is a bit of fun with an amusing title. It has been set up well and looks very realistic. I like the added touch of giving  the lemur glasses. The dark background makes the lemur stand out.  Everything nice and sharp with good lighting.

PM flowers
Fading Blooms by Pam Mullings

This almost looks like a traditional image rather than creative as we have ‘real’ flowers and leaves. The leaves are suitably brown and aging. It looks as though  work has been done on the background and the framing. This has been done well and adds drama to the image and sets off the blooms.

CWC ebulb
Ebulb by Chris Wilkes Ciudad

I thought this was most effective. We can clearly see the flower and the leaves but the flower has been enhanced by a glow and makes it stand out. We have a double meaning to the word bulb. It is a flower bulb and a light bulb. Nicely subdued background and interesting framing. Looking at it really closely there are a couple of flaws. The veins in the leaves are in some instances covering the stems.

CWC leaf
Droplets by Chris Wilkes Ciudad
An abstract image which has been well handled. The droplets are very convincing with some light on them to enhance them. I wonder why there aren’t ant droplets on the RHS of the leaf. I know I have kept banging onabout busy pictures but I think we could have had one or two small droplets in this area to make it look more balanced. Otherwise a great image. 

DE crowfest
Crowfest by Dave Eagle

I thought this was a bit scary. We can clearly see the birds in flight and we can assume they are crows .In the centre we have a beak and is that a scull? Then at the bottom we have interlocking shapes. On the whole I found the  image just a bit busy and I am sorry if the photographer put a lot of work in this as it isn’t floating my boat.