Print Competition 2 Advanced entries & judges comments
PM camelias
Camelias by Pam Mullings - awarded 1st place
I enjoyed this image. The composition works well with flowers on the diagonal. They are lovely and sharp. The grainy background adds to the effect as does the unusual way the photographer has framed the image. I always have a border around my prints which Danny puts in for me but this is something a bit different and in this image I think it really works.

RH First Light in Deadvlei
First Light in Deadviei by Robert Harvey - awarded 2nd place
I have seen a lot of images of this location but from photographers in our club. This one is a bit different, concentrating on one tree, and I like that. Quite minimalistic with some lovely lighting on the branches. Nothing in the background to distract, just a lovely brown against which the tree stands out well. Good texture in the sand giving us interest at the base of the image.

RH Desert in bloom Wadi Rum
Desert in Bloom, Wadi Rum  by Robert Harvey - 3rd place
You have captured this scene well at the right time of day to give interesting shadows and highlight the ripples in the sand. Then we have the flowers. It is amazing that they can survive in this barren landscape and in such large numbers. We have good textures in the rocks behind and the cloudless sky makes them stand out well.

CW Dancing
Dancing by Chris Wilkes Ciudad - HC
Here it looks as though the photographer is attempting to give us a feeling of movement and I think it has been successful. I thought the colours were delightful but at first I thought the movement had gone too far. I like things that are reasonably well defined. I looked at it several times as I do with all images I am judging. Suddenly it clicked. I could make out the shape of the dancer and I could clearly see what was going on. What a good job I reconsidered, as this image is deserving of an award.

CW Splintered Reality
Splintered Reality by Chris Wilkes Ciudad
I noticed when I looked at the sheet for the advanced group there were a lot of creative images. It appears this genre is preferred by this group. I wondered what would turn up and I have to confess that I am not sure what this is supposed to be representing. I like the colours and the shapes and the way that the light is radiating around almost like flames. Obviously this has all been skilfully executed but I want to know what it represents. Sorry, wrong judge.

CW Stairway from Heaven
Stairway from Heaven by Chris Wilkes
Creative again but we can clearly see a curving staircase which has been worked on. It has made a dramatic eye catching image with the lights giving a heavenly glow. Some interesting textures here too. I was surprised at the contrast in colour at the top of the image with yet another interesting texture.

FC The Bargain Hunter
The Bargain Hunter by Frank Collins
This is a bit of fun isn’t it and I always think it is good to have some humour in competitions. It may have been taken at a garden centre where they often have metal birds on sale. I have two chickens, now rusty, given to me by our grandson and they add interest to the garden. There are also some stone owls. I had one of those as well but the eyes fell out so it sort of lost its purpose. I wonder where the herbs are. They seem a bit expensive to me. I grow herbs to sell for charity and they are much cheaper than this! Perhaps I should put my prices up. The image is nice and sharp and the composition works well. It also made a good talking point.

FC Autumn Falls Kennall Vale
Autumn Falls by Frank Collins
I love the shape formed by the water as it flows over the domed rock. The use of a slow shutter speed appeals to me as I like the milky effect it produces. It was obviously autumn as the title tells us as we have many orange and brown leaves on the mossy rocks. I like the ferns in the foreground but the out of focus flowers are a bit distracting.

RH Storm Ciara
Storm Ciara by Robert Harvey
A very dramatic image with the waves hurtling towards the lighthouse and the dark sky adding to the effect. In the midst of the waves we can see the light shining out from the lighthouse. I noticed how the waves are coloured. This is obviously as a result of the sandy beach being pounded and sand has been caught up in the angry sea. As I mentioned before. This is a popular spot for photographers but I think this image shows the power of the sea more than others I have seen. A near miss.

PM Lady with a Parasol
Lady with a Parosol by Pam Mullings
A portrait with a difference as it has a sepia tone which suits the subject as she looks like a lady from a bygone era. The lady has a pleasant expression. The lighting works well and the parasol is pin sharp, showing the lace in detail. I like the treatment given to the border. It is in keeping with the subject  and gives an antique effect.
PM Pastel poppies
Pastel Poppies by Pam Mullings
Another creative, but here I can clearly see the poppies. They extend into the borders which I think works well. I like the arrangement, and the background colour suits the subject. The poppies themselves are nice and sharp.