Print Competition 1 results
Beginners – 21 entries
Deep in the Forest by David Eagle – 1st place
Bluebells at Westwoods by Mark Somerville – 2nd place
Broad-bodied Chaser by David Evans – 3rd place
Slow Tide by David Eagle - HC
Fly Agaric by Mark Somerville - HC
King of Combe by Richard Blackbourne – HC
Towards Raven Crag by David Evans - HC

Intermediate- 12 entries
Venetian Sunfire by Craig Purvis – 1st place
Fox Portrait by Steve Hardman – 2nd place
Stones and Stars by Craig Purvis – 3rd place
Poppies at Dawn by Craig Purvis - HC
Barn Owl Hunting at Dusk by David Wilkinson- HC
Squabbling Gannets Feeding by Steve Hardman – HC

Advanced – 20 entries
Fantasia by Pam Mullings – 1st place
Overlooking Petra by Robert Harvey – 2nd place
Bertie and his Ball by Tim Pier – 3rd place
Portrait of Blue Eyes by Chris Wilkes-Ciudad - HC
The Face of Calne by Chris Wilkes-Ciudad - HC
Young at Heart by Richard Atkinson - HC
Red Squirrel Jumping by Gill Cardy - HC