DPIC 2018 results

Devizes Total: 195   place 18th =  

Curlew Sandpiper by Hilary Eagles 13 (with a 5)           (points out of 15)

Osprey seizing trout by Robert Harvey 12 (with a 5)

Red Deer Stag by Caroline Wright 12 (with a 5)

Kingfisher with catch by Robert Harvey 12

Knowlton Church and Earthworks by Robert Harvey 12

Talisker Bay Sunset by Dave Gray 11

Coy Teenager by Dave Gray 11

Gambian Girl by Dave Gray 11

The Train Driver by Martin Stokes 11

Woodborough Hill - frosty morning by David Fraser 11

Aurora borealis Lofoten Islands by Robert Harvey 11

Swallow in Flight by Richard Atkinson 11

First run up the flight by Caroline Wright 10

At the end of the day by Pam Mullings 10

A Norwegian Winter by Sue Wadman 10

Lest we forget by Frank Collins 9

Sunset at Eilean Donan Castle by Sue Wadman 9

Fairy Glen by Richard Watson 9