Creative and Macro/Close up results

The Soothsayer by Pam Mullings – 1st place
Cracked It by Pam Mullings – 2nd place
Too Close for Comfort by Pam Mullings – 3rd place
A Balancing Act by Penny Clarke - HC
Bubbles Oil on Water by Penny Clarke - HC
Water Drops on a Petal by Penny Clarke - HC
Summer Frozen in Time by Janet Rutter - HC
A Splash of Colour by Janet Rutter - HC
Hubble Bubble by Susie Bigglestone - HC
Pegs vs Spoons by David Eagle - HC
Penlee Lifeboat Model by Martin Stokes - HC
On Fire by Chris Wilkes-Ciudad – HC

Macro & Close Up
Striped Slender Robberfly by Tim Tapley – 1st place
Hummingbird Hawk-moth by Tim Tapley – 2nd place
Hairy-footed Flower Bee & Cowslip by Robert Harvey – 3rd place
Early Bee by Tim Tapley
Fly Agaric by Robert Harvey
Ladybird Emerging by Helena Chambers
Hoverfly on Agrimony by Caroline Wright
After the Deluge by David Eagle