2018-19 Monochrome Competitions - results
St. Marys by Chris Wilkes-Ciudad – 1st place
British Museum by Chris Wilkes-Ciudad – 2nd place
Harry the Hat and his Uke by Kyra Wilson – 3rd place
Early Morning by Chris Wilkes-Ciudad – HC
Two Light Houses by Kyra Wilson - HC
Alpha Male by Steve Hardman - HC
What me, Madam? by Pam Mullings – HC
St. Pauls by Steve McCarthy - HC
Step No Further by Janet Rutter – HC

Projected Images
Trees in the Mist by Gill Cardy – 1st place
Arum Lilies by Pam Mullings – 2nd place
Temple of the Night by Chris Wilkes-Ciudad – 3rd place
Taking a Break by Pam Mullings – HC
Silenced by Pam Mullings – HC
Pumps by Hilary Tapley – HC
Snowy Egret by Hilary Tapley – HC
Swan Profile by Richard Atkinson – HC
Pirate by Richard Atkinson – HC
The Bunker by Martin Stokes – HC
Hammer Time by Martin Stokes – HC
Cwn Idwal Frozen by Robert Harvey –HC
Near the Edge by David Wilkinson – HC
Llynnau by Roly Barth – HC
Light at the End of the Tunnel by Tim Tapley – HC