Photographs taken on the Nature Groups visit to Skomer 2018
Photographs by Steve Hardman, Richard Atkinson AFIAP, Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP & Roly Barth
SH Puffin nesting
Puffin Nesting by Steve
SH Puffin on Skomer
Puffin with Catch by Steve
SH Puffin with Lunch
Bringing Home the Catch by Steve
RA Guillemots on Mass
Guillimots en Mass by Richard
RA Puffin landing
Puffin Landing by Richard
RA Puffin with Nest Material
Puffin with Nest Material by Richard
RB Sunset over Skomer
Sunset over Skomer by Roly
RB Sunset over Wooltack Point
Sunset over Wooltack Point by Roly
RB Skomer from Marloes Sands
Skomer from Marloes Sands by Roly
 RH Pied wagtail
Pied Wagtail by Robert
RH Green heron 
Green Heron by Robert
SH Wheatear
Wheatear by Steve 
SH Short Eared Owl
Long-eared Owl by Steve
SH Manx Shearwater
Manx Shearwater by Steve
SH Skomer sunset
Skomer Sunset by Steve
RB Coming in to land
Coming in to Land by Roly
RB Loquastic Puffin
Loquastic Puffin by Roly
RB On the wing
On the Wing by Roly
  SH Whitethroat 
Whitethoat by Steve
SH Roly 
Roly Ready for Action
Notes from Richard Atkinson -  This was early in the breeding season and so the puffins were just nest building so no pictures with their mouths full of sand eels. Some we busy taking grass into their burrows and we saw one puffin stealing nest material from another’s nest. 
We only saw the shorteared owl briefly but I did witness a couple of magpies steal a vole from one of the owls. There were masses of Guillemots and razor bills on the cliffs but were not too easy to get a good angle for a shot given that we had to stay on the recognized paths.