Ryder Rathband Trophy - Rules

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We request you send the official record (i.e. the message received from the Salon organisers after the judging) of your Salon Acceptances (inc. Awards) to the Salon Results Coordinator
In addition please also indicate the number of acceptances each image has received to date as only the first 5 acceptances are eligible for inclusion in the Ryder Rathband Trophy award

Please ensure that ...

1.   You do not change the titles of your images once they have been accepted in a salon

2.  You do not enter very similar images under different titles

3. Always keep a copy of your official notification (If you ever wish to apply for distinctions e.g. FIAP or from another Photographic Society, you will have problems proving your acceptances, especially if the same or similar image has been entered with different titles.)
Please refer to the section entitled Ethics Statement and Standards Policy of the Photographic Society of America.

Remember that you can only claim FIVE acceptances for an image (both for the Ryder Rathband Trophy and for FIAP)

The Ryder Rathband Competition is based on acceptances declared during the period 1st January to the 31st December each year rather than the date an image was submitted to the salon.  

The Rules: The Salons and Exhibitions must be:

National or International Salons/Exhibitions (plus the Western Counties Photographic Federation). Open to Everyone who is a member of the Devizes Camera Club.

Approved by RPS, PSA, PSSA, FIAP, PAGB, WCPF, or any other Photographic Society or Organisation recognised Nationally or Internationally Lists of salons Salons / Salon and FIAP Information. The deciding factor is that the Salon or Exhibition must be open to everyone who is a member of the Devizes Camera Club (e.g. not just for males or for Associates or for any other restricted group e.g. RPS Members only)

The Devizes Camera Club Committee will have the final say if there is a dispute in this regard.

Points are allocated as follows:
One Point for an Acceptance
Two Points for a Ribbon, Honourable Mention or Highly Commended
Three Points for a Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal

MAXIMUM of FIVE acceptances per original image (In line with FIAP rules) More than five acceptances of one image will not gain points on the Ryder rathband Trophy but may count towards gaining a distinction

Method for Administration: It is the responsibility for each member to notify the person administering this competition that they have had acceptances in each Salon or Exhibition AND to provide a web link to the salon and results page.  
The Catalogue and Results Pages, usually available online shortly after the judging, is to be used in the event of a dispute.
Points gained will be shown on the Salon web page.   

The Competition:

To follow a calendar year - 1st January to the 31st December annually.
The deciding date for each Salon will be the final published judging date of each event.
These dates are listed on all Official Salon / Exhibition Entry Forms or Websites.