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DCC Members, as individuals, are encouraged to enter National and International Salons and Exhibitions.

The Ryder Rathband Trophy will be awarded annually to the member gaining the most Awards and Acceptances in FIAP, RPS and PSA approved competitions. 

The competition runs from the 1st January to the 31st December each year.

The following websites have entry forms and useful information about forthcoming Salons and Exhibitions and how to obtain photographic distinctions. 

Please ensure you read and follow the rules carefully for each competition.


RPS  Royal Photographic Society

PSA  Photographic Society of America

PSSA Photographic Society of South Africa

PAGB Photographic Alliance of Great Britain

WCPF Western Counties Photographic Federation


FIAP Calendar, Entry Forms and FIAP Numbers (useful for researching potential salons and FIAP Salon reference numbers)

PAGB Website  (provides ESSENTIAL AND UP TO DATE information about FIAP)

FIAP Honours and Distinctions - Requirements to achieve AFIAP and EFIAP

Honours and Distinctions are awarded for outstanding service to photography and for notable photographic merit, and these are awarded for life.

There are two honours for Services to photography:

ESFIAP Excellence for services rendered FIAP

Hon.EFIAP Honorary Excellence FIAP

There are seven distinctions for photographic merit:


EFIAP Excellence FIAP


EFIAP Platinum

MFIAP Master Photographer FIAP

The main criteria for the award of AFIAP and EFIAP distinctions are:

Acceptance in FlAP approved print/slide Exhibitions over a prescribed period of time, plus submissions of a portfolio of work to FlAP that should be examples of the candidate's best exhibition photography, and be of the highest possible standard, or Acquisition of a specified number of FlAP Audio Visual points over a prescribed minimum period of time (details of specific requirements for AV applicants are available in a separate leaflet).

FIAP allows each member country to submit only one batch of applications per year.

Who can register to complete an application?
Only those who have actually achieved the criteria will be eligible to register.
It is not possible for the FIAP reperesentative to register people, or send out application packages, in the hope or expectation that criteria will be achieved before the deadline date.

When have the criteria been reached?
Obviously you need to be able make up the actual numbers required, but additionally these must be verifiable.
Therefore, for an acceptance to count the FIAP representative must be able to validate it against a catalogue or via the salon’s website.
It can be several weeks before such information is available as report cards may be inaccurate or are insufficient.

When is the deadline for completed applications?
For those wishing to move on to the next distinction there must be 12 months between applications.
The deadline is the 31st March.

How will you receive further information?
All updates will be placed on the PAGB website (please see link above) and circulated via PAGB ‘e-news’.
You may subscribe to PAGB ‘e-news via the link on the home page of the PAGB web site.

What can you do in the meantime?
Those who wish to ensure that they are on the right track administratively should download the PDF file, “Starting out on the Exhibition Trail” from the PAGB web site.
Whilst primarily targeted at new exhibitors, it is of value to more experienced members and has been substantially updated.