The Ryder Rathband Trophy 

The Ryder Rathband Trophy competition was devised in 2011 by club members Joan Ryder Rathband FRPS FPSSA AFIAP DPAGB and Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP DPAGB
in order to encourage fellow members to enter Salons and test their skills on an international level.
We are grateful to them both for setting up the competition and for kindly donating the trophy.

The Trophy is awarded to the member who gains the most Salon Acceptances in a year.
The goal:
To encourage members to -
Enter National and International Salons and ExhibitionsExperience competition from a much wider body of photographers
Gauge the standard of his or her own work on a National and International level.
Use the competition as a stepping stone to gain honours from FIAP (International Salon and Exhibition acceptances) as well as Distinctions in RPS and others.

2017 Acceptances & Awards pdf
updated 31 December

2016 Acceptances and Awards pdf

2015 Acceptances and Awards pdf

To assist with the administration of the Ryder Rathband Trophy competition would club members please keep a careful record of your acceptances.
Please send your Salon results to Richard Atkinson the Salon Co-ordinator

Please see the  Ryder Rathband Trophy Rules and follow the sending in procedure very carefully. Check that all your information is correct.

Information required can be found on FIAP, Salons &Salon Entry Forms

You will find further information on an excellent beginners guide to entering photographic Salons written by David Cavendish.
This will be especially helpful to those in the club thinking of entering salons.  A Beginners Guide to Photography Salons
You may find the downloadable spreadsheet useful for recording your entries.

You will see the 2016 points table is presented in a new format which we hope will make it easier to keep track of your Acceptances and their eligibility for the Ryder Rathband Trophy competition.

Please note individual colour coding will be maintained throughout the year to assist searching. Current  scores (i.e max obtained) are shown in boxes with red borders.
Every time an entry is made these boxes will shift to show the new maximum. Please let the Salon Results Co-ordinator know If you would like copy in the old style or if there are any omissions, errors, or if the number of acceptances attributed to any image is incorrect.
In future, updates will be issued on a monthly basis to all members who enter Salons and published on the web-site as and when necessary, and at least every quarter.

 Final Reports for the Ryder Rathband Trophy from 2011 - 2016

2016  This years competition was keenly fought with the final places uncertain right to the very end. There was strong competition between Robert and Gill for first place, and even stronger competition for third place between Richard (Atkinson) and Kevin Ferris. There was also intriguing battle for fifth place between Michael and Stuart which ended in an honourable draw, both achieving 5 acceptance and bettering their previous achievements.

At the final count Robert needed a late surge to beat Jill. Robert gained 84 points from 73 salons compared to Gills 62 points gained from 72 salons. (not all salon acceptances qualify for inclusion in the Ryder Rathband trophy)

On the way Robert also gained eleven awards by Judges including a First in the Western Counties Audio Visual Awards.

In third place Richard narrowly beat Kevin. Richard gained 35 points from 34 acceptances compared with Kevin’s 32 points from 41 acceptances. Kevin however achieved five awards compared to Richard’s three. We congratulate Robert his success and all those who took part.

Whilst this years tally is not our best the eventual 239 acceptances from 58 different national and international salons beat last years total (130) by more than one hundred.

2015 saw some significant changes in the FIAP International Salon rules. 
There was a huge backlash, with many people boycotting salons and salon entries dropped world-wide.
As a result, FIAP revised their decision and reversed some of the new requirements.
Although the DCC acceptances were down on previous years, our members still did extremely well and gained some wonderful awards.  Acceptances were gained in Vietnam, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, England, Scotland, Wales, Greece, Serbia, Switzerland, Spain, Australia, Bosnia Hercegovina.  Not bad for a small club in Wiltshire!
Robert Harvey, in particular, had great success and, along with his many acceptances and other awards, also won three Gold Medals.  In doing so, he gained the required number of International FIAP acceptances and awards and was awarded his EFIAP distinction.  Congratulations, Robert!  You deserve your success.
Equally gratifying was that Michael Barnes and Derek Mason gained their first salon acceptances!  Welcome to the International Salon and Exhibition scene!  We look forward to seeing more DCC members’ names appearing on the log this year.
All in all, DCC members gained 130 acceptances in 2015, including
3 Gold Medals - Robert Harvey
1 FIAP Ribbon - Robert Harvey
1 Ribbon - Gill Cardy
1 Highly Commended - Michael Barnes
1 Certificate - Gill Cardy
A Second and Third Placing in the Western County Audio-Visual Salon - Robert Harvey
 The final Ryder Rathband Trophy log placings for 2015 are as follows:
1st.  Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP                 63 points

2nd. Gill Cardy FRPS DPAGB AFIAP           30 points
3rd.  Chris Wilkes-Ciudad ARPS CPAGB     22 points
4th.  Richard Atkinson                                   12 points
5th.  Michael Barnes                                       5 points
6th   Stuart Barnes                                          2 points
7th.  Derek Mason                                           1 point

2014 Final Report for the Ryder Rathband Trophy and the Salon Results for the year
Devizes Camera Club members gained an unbelievable 490 acceptances in 2014, including ...  4 Medals, 3 Ribbons,    6 Honourable Mentions,    2 Commendeds,    1 UPI Mention,    1 Diploma and    1 Second Prize.

This far exceeds our previous best in 2013 when we had 231 acceptances.
The 2014 Ryder Rathband Trophy results are as follows:
1   Robert Harvey 171 points with 190 acceptances, 1 Second Prize, 2 Ribbons, 2 Honourable Mentions, 1 UPI Mention.
2    Richard Atkinson 103 points with 109 acceptances, 2 PSA Bronze Medals, 2 Honourable Mentions, 1 Diploma.
3  Gill Cardy 56 points with 60 acceptances, 1 SPS Silver Medal, 1 Honourable Mention, 1 Commended
4  Chris Wilkes-Ciudad 56 points with 53 acceptances, 1 FIAP Bronze Medal, 1 PSA Bronze Medal, 1 PSA Ribbon, 1 Commended.
5  Joan Ryder Rathband 50 points with 50 acceptances, 1 UPI Honourable Mention
6  Kevin Ferris 18 points with 19 acceptances.
7  Clive Rathband 6 points with 8 acceptances.
8  David Edwards 1 acceptance.

2013 Final Report for Ryder Rathband Trophy and Salon Results
The 2013 Ryder Rathband log was the most exciting since its inception.
Rod Stowell got off to a roaring start at the beginning of the year and we all thought that the trophy had been won by May. 
Not to be outdone, the rest of the members kept entering salons and it was the case of perseverance and gaining one acceptance at a time.
Rod was eventually caught and then overtaken by Robert Harvey, who steadily increased his lead. 
Not to be outdone, Gill Cardy continued to enter salons all over the world and she kept within touching distance of Robert.
It was down to the last salons of the year - Cork, Slovenia and Argentina. 
Gill did not enter Cork and Robert gained three acceptances.
Gill then gained five acceptances in Slovenia and Argentina and the end result is that the trophy has changed hands.
Heartiest congratulations to Gill Cardy who is a very worthy winner of the trophy in 2013! Devizes Camera Club members gained a total of 231 acceptances in 2013! 
Well done to everyone who entered salons!

2012 Final Report for Ryder Rathband Trophy and Salon Results Devizes Camera Club members had incredible successes in International Salons and Exhibitions in 2012.  
11 members gained 203 Acceptances from 34 Salons held all around the world.
Most of the successes were in 31 Projected Digital Image Exhibitions. In addition, there were acceptances in 2 International Print Exhibitions and 1 International Audio Visual Exhibition.
Included in the 203 Acceptances, were ...
10 Highly Commended Awards 1 Honourable Mention,
2 PAGB Ribbons (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain),
2 NCPF Ribbons,   (Northern Counties Photographic Federation)

2 FIAP Ribbons (Federation Internationale de L'Art Photographique)
1 UPI Silver Medal (United Photographers International)
1 PAGB SIlver Medal (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain)
1 PSA Silver Medal (Photographic Society of America)
The Ryder Rathband Competition runs from the 1st January to the 31st December, each year and celebrates the achievements of members on the International Salon scene.
Salon entrants pit their work against some of the best photographers in the world and it is such a wonderful thrill to gain an acceptance in a Salon.
Even seasoned photographers speak of the buzz they get when they are successful in International Exhibitions.

Sincere congratulations go to the 2012 winner,
Robert Harvey ARPS on winning the Ryder Rathband Trophy for the second year in succession!
The Top Five positions are as follows: 
1  Robert Harvey ARPS 62 Points   
2  Joan Ryder Rathband FRPS FPSSA 42 Points     
3 Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB AFIAP 38 Points     
4  Kevin Ferris LRPS 25 Points     
5  Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP 13 Points


2011 Final Report for Ryder Rathband Trophy and Salon Results
The first year of The Ryder Rathband Trophy has drawn to a close.
It was gratifying to see such an improvement in successes in external competitions this year and we would like to congratulate every member who entered the salons during 2011.

It is a wonderful achievement to gain acceptances and awards in National and International Exhibitions and it was fantastic to see some of the Devizes Camera Club members gaining their very first acceptances - and awards! - this year. Keep up the good work!
Our members gained 135 Acceptances with 11 Awards and 3 Medals!
Please do not be disheartened if you miss out on acceptances - just keep trying and you will succeed in the end. The immediate reward is competing for the Ryder Rathband Trophy, but the long-term reward is going on to gain distinctions in FIAP and then gaining honours in the Royal Photographic Society and other prestigious Societies.
Robert Harvey ARPS was the very deserving winner for 2011. Congratulations, Robert.  
The final log positions were as follows:
1 - 35 points Robert Harvey ARPS     
2 - 27 points Rod Stowell ARPS     
3 -19 points Joan Ryder Rathband FRPS FPSSA     
4 -17 points Chris Beard     
5 -17 points Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB     
6 - 11 points Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP     
7 -  8 points Stephen McGrath     
8 -  5 points Robin Gregory     
9 -  4 points Charlotte Morris LRPS     
10 - 3 points Jean Ingram     
11 - 2 points Kevin Ferris    
12 - 1 point Louise Gray
Congratulations to them all.