Programme  2019 - 2020 
Venue and map - all club meetings are held at the Devizes Sports Club on Tuesdays at 7-30 for a prompt 7-45pm start - meetings at other venues and on other days of the week are marked.
Members pay £2 - 50 per evening attended. Non-members may attend as guests for up to three meetings on payment of £2 - 50 per meeting, except for events marked * in the programme which are £5 for non-members, of which £2-50 is refundable on joining the club.
Groups - the Landscape Group meets on the 1st. Thursday of the month
Competitions please check before entering club competitions for information and rules.
Dates for your Diary

Please note - there is a £5 charge for non members for presentations marked * (£2-50 refundable on joining the club)
January 2020
28 Studio Portrait Evening
No less than Kyra Wilson will take us through the practical aspects of setting up a studio portrait shoot.

February 2020

Results of Landscape Competitions:
• Landscape Print competition
• Landscape Projected Image competition
Judge: John Tilsley ARPS APAGB DPAGB

Collection of entries for AV and Creative Competitions. Please see COMPETITIONS for more information


Western Counties Photographic Federation Digital Projected Image Competition (DPIC).
 Tickets available in advance for this competition against clubs from across the western counties, to be held in Exeter.
See WCPF website
 11 Change to the Programme   (Huw Alban now 3 March)
Members' Speed Critique

We invite a number of our members to bring in a selection of their images, while the rest of the members split into groups and spend 10 minutes giving feedback on a set of images before moving on to the next set.
A great way to learn more about your fellow members.


Multi-club Print Battle
and lecture at the Lakeside Centre, Warminster. 1.00pm for 1.30pm start.


'English Wildlife - Spring and Summer' *
David Kjaer will be showing a superb selection of birds, mammal,amphibians, butterflies, dragonflies and other insects, aswell as our resident reptiles that one might expect to see in a typical English Spring and Summer.

 25 Results of Audiovisual and Creative Competitions
Judge: Diana Neale

Collection of entries for Print Competition 2: Open

March 2020

Huw AlbanChange to the Programme
That's Not a Landscape Photograph!' *
Huw Alban takes apart the common themes and assumptions associated with landscape photographs and photography, and portray them with a fresh perspective.
In doing so he’ll lean heavily on his own experience, the events that occasionally unfolded during his workshops and, of course,those interesting conversations you have after camera club competition evenings.


Change to the Programme
iPhone Photography
The quality of camera phones has improved over the years and they are compact and convenient – yet surely they have their limitations?
 Bob Holman of Marlborough Photography comes to explain his approach – and open our eyes as to the possibilities
 “The best camera is the one that’s with you!” says Bob. “Mine is always with me – so I never miss an opportunity to shoot the world around me. ‘But what about the quality of my shots?’ I hear you ask. ‘I shoot in RAW’. Yes – you heard correctly.”
 This talk comes highly recommended – come and be amazed by the possibilities.


Results of Print Competition 2: Open
Judge: Beryl Heaton

Collection of entries for Projected Image Competition 3: Open


Nicki Douglas Lee'Sports Photography' *
 Nicki Douglas-Lee talks on capturing the passion, the intensity and the art of movement in the one genre that encapsulates all of these elements - Sports Photography.

Entries for the 'Projected Image League'  Please enter three sets each of five images on a theme. See COMPETITIONS for details


Sue OConnell Eagle Hunters'Travels Towards the Edge' *
Sue O’Connell ARPS EFIAP/p DPAGB BPE 5* & Peter Brisley ARPS DPAGB BPE 1* take us to more out-of-the-way people and places - from camel herders in the Gobi Desert and eagle hunters in the far west of Mongolia, to the nomadic peoples of Gujarat, plus a visit to the world’s largest wetland, the Pantanal of Brazil.
Sue -  website    Peter -   website

April 2020

Results of Projected Image Competition 3: Open
Judge: Peter Weaver APAGB DPAGB LRPS

Collection of entries for the Print and Projected Image of the Year competitions

14 Projected Image League - our Annual Competition for the Hewitt Cup.
Please enter three sets each of five images on a theme, to be judged by members present on the evening.

'The Sea and Me' *
Roger Crocombe ARPS presents an illustrated talk that is all about his love for the shoreline, with its many moods and colours, photographed from his base on the West Sussex coast over two years.
Using various photography techniques he explores this ever-changing environment and how the same scene can change so dramatically in sympathy with the wind, tide and sky.


Josh Cooper Snow'What Aperture for Antarctica?' *
A once in a lifetime trip to the Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica provides a wealth of photographic opportunities.
Josh Cooper will give an illustrated talk about his recently completed trip and will explain how he photographed this amazing corner of the southern hemisphere.

May 2020

 Print & Projected Image of the Year competitions
The best of the 2019-20 season. 

Judge: Ralph Snook ARPS EFIAP


Ladies vs Gents Battle
A gentle competition between genders at the club.
Judge: tba

19 Annual General Meeting and Awards

June 2020


Annual Social Event

Venue to be announced nearer the time